Excessive sleeping

Hi... My (nearly) 87 year old mother who has had Parkinsons for 18 years, is sleeping all the time! She went to bed at 9pm yesterday and got up finally at 2pm today... And has been asleep in her chair ever since! Anyone else experienced this?

Oh the envy!!  I sleep for 2 or 3 hours and then I have to get up and do something for around one to two hours, then sometimes I can sleep again for another 2 or 3 hours,  How long has she been doing this?

The same for me. Just wish I could go to sleep.


Speak soon x

Hi Veronica, 


Problems with sleep seem common,  empathise with you as your mum is missing  out on having some enjoyment in life.  Side effects of some meds make you sleepy ?  have a look at the leaflet in her meds boxes. Depression can also make you tired out and feel like going into hibernation check this with her g.p?  also parky is tiring in itself and every moment is potentially exhausting.  All sleep problems have a negative impact  on quality of life see if your medical team can help or try the helpline on this site x


Had a good laugh at your profile, love a good play on words live alone ha! ha!  love it .....sound similiar to you a few hrs here and there , have started doing my  shopping middle of the night then back to bed.  getting used to it as into year 8 now and you just learn coping strategies.  look a bit like a panda though :)

My Mum is 83 and was diagnosed 13 years ago. Since November last year she has been sleeping a lot more. She is usually wakes by 10.30 am has breakfast then sleeps on and off through the afternoon. The evenings are sometimes difficult when she goes into this 'Sundowner' phase, where the parkinsons's dementia gets the better of her and she becomes confused and disorientated. This is very distressing, last night she asked to use the phone to speak to her Mum (dead for over 50 years!). She was asleep by 10/10.30pm. Our district nurse says to just go with it, so that's what I do. Not saying that that's the best advice for everyone but it works for Mum.