Exciting news about the Fox Trial Finder

We wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Today sees the official UK launch of Fox Trial Finder by the Michael J Fox Foundation. You can find it here: http://foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org/

This web-based trial matcher lets people with Parkinson’s enter their details, including a brief medical history, then matches them with clinical trials in their region which have entry criteria that fit their profile.

If someone seems to fit the entry criteria for a study, Fox Trial Finder allows messages to be exchanged between the interested volunteer and the researcher without their identities or contact details being shared.

Clinical trials are essential to test potential new treatments for Parkinson’s. Testing a new treatment takes years and anything we can do to speed up the process, like linking people with Parkinson’s and researchers running suitable studies, is a good thing. This is why Parkinson’s UK is supporting the new tool and has become a Fox Trial Finder Community Partner.

We always recommend that people interested in a trial discuss it with the healthcare professionals responsible for their care.

At Parkinson’s UK we're committed to providing information on research opportunities to people with Parkinson’s and we do this in a number of ways. One of these is through our website.

If you’re interested in trials, be sure to check our Get involved in research page at http://bit.ly/yEzBha where we have included a link to the Fox Trial Finder.

Research liaison manager