Exelon Patch

Hi, my father has just started the Exelon Patch last Monday. He was getting really confused doing everyday tasks and had destroyed all his work tools in his shed by cutting the wires for no apparent reason. He was doing this for about a year and wouldnt listen to us when we tried to explain that the tools would be useless if he continued. Today my mother went out to the shed to get my dad for his lunch, he turned to her and asked what had happened to all his tools. When she explained, he got upset and told her he wouldnt do that to this own tools. It was very upsetting for everyone and apparently he doesnt really remember alot from the last few months, like his appointments with the consultant/specialist. I pray that this jolt to reality will stay awhile but I am so scared he will only be "normal" for a short time. Has anyone else had positive results from this patch? And how long did it last? Thank you
Hopefully someone who is a carer will be able to share their experiences, but one important thing is that this treatment usually has a longish lead in period which means the effective dose may not be given for 4 weeks or more so you will need to wait to see if it works. From what I have read it is for mild to moderate dementia.

one drug trial concluded

"Long-term rivastigmine treatment appeared well tolerated and may provide sustained benefits in dementia associated with PD patients who remain on treatment for up to 48 weeks."

hope this helps
Thanks Turnip, I hadn't read that the benefits could last up to 48 weeks, this is really good. I was scared it might only last a month or so. My dad is getting on well with the patch still. He drops back into confusion only about twice a day now, which is mostly at night time so we blame that on tiredness more so than anything else. He sat me and my sister down the other day and apologised for the last few months when he "was not himself". It was great to have a proper conversation with him again. Today is his Birthday, 65!
Hello Emz,
My mum had Exelon patches for her LBD.

She found they helped lift what she described as "the fog". It didn't make everything better; she still had executive function problems and fluctuation of abilities. But she felt positive about the improvement she perceived.

She also at times had incredible moments of lucidity and clarity about what was happening - not always a good thing, I felt, as she understood too much; but that was not necessarily to do with the Exelon.

Make the most of the golden moments of clarity with your father :smile: