I saw the trial for Exenatide started in 2010. We are almost 2013 now. When will we have results ?
as an aside - the saliva of the gila monster???? it is a awesome thought that the most esoteric and downright weird research can lead to practical benefits.
Hi Mister X and Turnip,

We're keen to know the outcome of the exenatide trial too.

Our director of research and innovation, Dr Kieran Breen, spoke to the researchers at UCL earlier today.

The trial is now complete, and they intend to publish their findings early in 2013. As soon as the results become available, we will make sure to share any interesting developments through our website and magazines.

Best wishes

Research Communications Officer

I don't think I read results about exenatide in the winter 2013 magazine. Are you planning to publish this later this year ?
Hi MisterX

We hope the researchers carrying out the trial will publish the results in a peer reviewed scientific journal early this year.

The exenatide trial wasn't funded by Parkinson's UK but we're keeping a very close eye out for any news, and once we hear anything we'll be sharing the details on our website and through our magazines.

There is a short report from a lab-based research project we funded exploring exenatide in the new issue of Progress magazine - see page 28. This project, carried out by Dr Peter Whitton, helped lay the foundations for the recent trial.


Best wishes

Parkinson's UK research team
I don't know about the bad effects of Parkinson's, Mr X
but you have developed foresight!
You know the contents of the Winter 2013 magazine!
Not all bad then!
@research team: OK, thanks for the clarification.

@goldengirl: I don't have PD. My father has. I try to be up to date as much as I can. I don't trust doctors. The first doctor my father went to tried to give him something with levedopa in it. But I was informed and knew this is not the standard procedure. I knew you had to postpone levedopa therapy as much as possible in order to avoid dyskinesia as much as possible. So I sent him to a different and better doctor. He gave him azilect and mirapex. My father is great now. And indeed, this is what I expected as initial medication for PD.

But still, I have the feeling even this better doctor is not completely up to date about research in PD. He didn't tell my father about the importance of sports. Luckily, I found out about this and I told this to my father. My father says he feels good every time he does sports. If he doesn't do sports for a long time, he feels worse.

I try to be up to date with all neuroprotective things. I want to be sure that when some positive results are there, that I can take immediate action. For the moment, the only thing I make him drink is 1 or 2 black teas a day. I have seen papers showing black tea even rescues neurons with rats; also black tea is known to prevent people to get PD with 70 %. I don't know whether this will help him, but this is the best I can do at the moment. I don't want to treat him as a lab rat and make him try different kind of stuff.

At the moment I am hoping for results from things like exenatide, creatine, inosine, cogane, LMTX, ...

So now you know why I post this much :wink:. I see so many interesting things that give us hope, so I have to share this with everyone.