Exercise and PD

At the risk of getting boring, but I thought this article taken from "Neurotalk" was really interesting. I realise some may have read it already as it's from last year. I think I may try it, and once again get an exercise bike.(I've never stuck to it for long).It's amazing how a diagnosis of PD gives an added incentive.

"Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA.

BACKGROUND: Animal studies indicate forced exercise (FE) improves overall motor function in Parkinsonian rodents. Global improvements in motor function following voluntary exercise (VE) are not widely reported in human Parkinson's disease (PD) patients. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to compare the effects of VE and FE on PD symptoms, motor function, and bimanual dexterity. METHODS: Ten patients with mild to moderate PD were randomly assigned to complete 8 weeks of FE or VE. With the assistance of a trainer, patients in the FE group pedaled at a rate 30% greater than their preferred voluntary rate, whereas patients in the VE group pedaled at their preferred rate. Aerobic intensity for both groups was identical, 60% to 80% of their individualized training heart rate. RESULTS: Aerobic fitness improved for both groups. Following FE, Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/about_us/using_the_website/my_account.aspxUPDRS) motor scores improved 35%, whereas patients completing VE did not exhibit any improvement. The control and coordination of grasping forces during the performance of a functional bimanual dexterity task improved significantly for patients in the FE group, whereas no changes in motor performance were observed following VE. Improvements in clinical measures of rigidity and bradykinesia and biomechanical measures of bimanual dexterity were maintained 4 weeks after FE cessation. CONCLUSIONS: Aerobic fitness can be improved in PD patients following both VE and FE interventions. However, only FE results in significant improvements in motor function and bimanual dexterity. Biomechanical data indicate that FE leads to a shift in motor control strategy, from feedback to a greater reliance on feedforward processes, which suggests FE may be altering central motor control processes."
Hello there folks. Just wondering if anyone has tried the MOTOMED VIVA2 for exercise.

I have seen an advert for it and thet say the have a Parkinsons specific model.

Hi Denmac

Welcome to the forum ! Lovely to hear from someone new.

I haven't heard of this at all, what is it? I have been told to exercise to help keep me healthy but not really my thing, so Im looking at options at the moment.

Hi Caroline

MOTOmed is an exercise machine. It seems expensive but also can be hired for 3 months so you could try it out.

More info can be got at www.motomed.com

They say they have MOTOmed viva2_Parkinson but don't give much detail.

I got the brochure but again it seems short on detail so was wondering if anyone had any experience of it.

I thought people looking at this topic would be interested to know that a conference was held by the bit of Parkinson's UK known as SPRING in September 2009. There is a lot of information at http://spring.parkinsons.org.uk/content/blogcategory/90/349/ including some good videos of the presentations. Certainly exercise is good for you, especially if you have PD!
Hello I am new to the forum (but couldn't seem to post anything on the meet and greet)...

I was diagnosed at 43 and exercise has always been a part of my day. Until recently I was running everyday for 30 minutes. Have found that when I get in rhythm it can be easier than walking!!
It seems I have now peroneal tendon subluxation which means my ankle tendon has moved across the ankle bone and won't go back. (Think it's because of PD muscles not often relaxed.) Has anyone suffered from ankle injuries? Orthopaedic Surgeon suggested to hold off from surgery for as long as I can.
Would appreciate any suggestions for non surgical options for foot problems with Parkinsons and how to reduce risk of further injury . Also my foot aches when driving (have to have teenagers and work) Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Denmac! I wanted to ask the same question you did. Since you posted this message in May, I wonder if you have already tried the Motomed. I’d like to get more information about that machine too!!!

Prior to my recent diagnosis I was an armchair warrior. I might hurry down to the pub a few times a week, but other than that I was n’t interested.

I have just joined a PD warrior course which after a couple of weeks has improved my flexibility and more importantly, my outlook.

The guy training me has PD, but manages exceptionally well with meds and exercise.