Exercise and PD

what does everyone do about exercise. My PD nurse has suggested hydrotherapy. Has anyone else been to hydratherapy classes or pilates / tai chi. Did it help?
Hydrotherapy is fab in my opinion. You would have a physio with you. It helps you build up muscle strentgth and flexibility, as the water supports you to some degree so you can do things more easily thaan on land, thus proving to yourself you can still do those movements, so building your confidence. Any exercise you can manage will keep you stronger and fitter for longer and it can be good for dealing with pain too. Exercise is essential in whatever form you can do it, it will really help. Pilates and yoga can help with core muscle strength, and flexibility, and balance, and confidence...helps you enjoy your body again too, no mean feat with PD.
I find Tai Chi very beneficial. It is a quiet, gentle, calming, form of exercise
It teaches you how to breathe correctly, how to stand and move correctly ( helps with posture and balance) uses both left and right hemispheres of the brain,
improves muscle tone, relaxes mind body and soul. You can learn new movements at classes and then practice them at home, or if you're brave enough in a park, or on a beach.
I do yoga and find it very useful.
The Parkinson society sponsors classes specially for pwp.
I do not go to a special class cos it is too far away but i think a class specially tailored to our need would be a good idea.
Our lovely butterfly posted in Meet & Greet/Grasping at Straws that her PD nurse had said:
many PwP find that they gradually lose the ability to swim. It seems their centre of gravity changes. Keeping up the activity could stop this from happening.
At the time I took this literally. Now I wonder if it may have been analagous
thanks for your help everyone.think I will try some of these things especialy pilates as the nurse said something about my bodies core strength. if it helps in the long run it will be worth the effort.

Has anyone tried the Wii fit. she mentioned that too. JC says she is too competitive to do it! what do others think,does it help? (My 18 year old has one I could filch
Eh no not me, Janine. Exercise and me don't get on.
HI every one ive just done some keep fit only because my OH keeps telling me im unfit as i used to do keep fit a lot but the past 8 weeks ive had a torn ligament so that was my excuse not to do any Chris
I'm a big believer in exercise and use pilates and yoga and swimming. I also try and keep going with my karate which I've done for 30 years. I'm really rubbish at it now but still enjoy it and am supported by my mates there. last weekend I went on a residential course; nearly killed me, 6 hours training a day albeit at my reduced level. However afterwards I felt stiff and achy in a 'been exercising' sort of way but all my PD stiffness and achiness has gone! I'm intrigued!

I also remind myself that just beacause I've got PD doesn't mean I'm immune to other problems; exercise keeps other nasties at bay especially heart problems and depression neither of which I want to contend with on top of PD.

Finding something you enjoy has to be the priority though; I doubt it's good for you to make yourself do something you hate.
I found aquarobics very useful when I was first diagnosed and was still a bit stiff. However, I never go out of my depth if I can help because one of the "funnies" that would happen years before I had any other symptoms was that I would be swimming along when suddenly my arms would forget what to do and I was in danger of sinking like a stone. Don't panic, don't panic and I would have to consciously start what should have been an automatic movement. It wasn't my centre of gravity and even then I suspected something neurological but I put it to the back of my mind but I never would swim unless there was someone else in the pool.
I have just read a very interesting new finding on "exercise and improved cognitive function in patients with PD". It's:http://www.internalmedicinenews.com/...cf2415b37.html. It certainly proves that it is highly beneficial for those that can. Carole.
I've just tested the link and it won't allow access. If you go onto "Neurotalk" PD section, someone has just posted it today, and you can access it that way. Carole.
where exactly. sorry still not really familiar with th site, can't find it
I get physio 2 x week in France, and she shows me lots of exercises so it doesn't get boring. Needless to say it is motivating to have someone help as I never was keen on exercises before. I find it really helps and has made me more supple. I just try to do 15 mins a day myself (dont always manage). I had the PD Society exercise book but it was a bit over simplified to inspire me. Recently she has shown me how to lie on my tummy and lift arms slightly up and down from either side, possibly holding small bottle of water in each hand 90 times in total to stop my shoulders stooping. Also with arms behind back lying flat lift up and down. In Scotland they showed me lying on back and lifting hips gradually up which can be done in bed and has made my waist supple. You ve got to enjoy it or see results.
Hi Caroline,Google "Neurotalk Support Groups", then click on "Parkinson's Disease", then scroll down to the 17th heading (at the moment)"Exercise and improved cognitive function."......
Hope you find it. Carole.
Interesting article?

Thankyou lily, that was interesting. Carole.
i would love, indeed need, to do some aerobic acive fast movement but any repetitive or fast movement causes pulled muscles and tendons. water aerobics s.ounds a possibility - anyother suggestons? warming up exercises cause problems too
OMG what a complicated site. (Neurotalk) will take me some time to work it out I think.
Hello everybody ..I have just scanned through the previous entries re .P.D.
and exercise.. to those who might have read my previous entries on this subject

I am still a regular exerciser ( I stress ) light gym work eg cross trainer/weights in conjunction with a trainer who is aware of what .P.D. is.
In my instance for years I have been a regular ( fitness swimmer) for years I am now 63 ( retired)...never smoked...( but a little podgy round the waistline)..5/6 years ago diagnosed tremors on left side ..as P.D.....I do ( hatha yoga..there are a few diffent types) twice a week..swim a couple of times
..I and my nearest and dearest are of the opinion..along with my neuro i am at the moment keeping things at bay as it were for me it is the exercise routine that is helping...( I am not suggesting that we all becaome Olympic atheletes)

Check with your G.P. first before indulging in any execrcise routine see if you can get a fitness referal to a local gym vide..he/she and if you have not been a regular exerciser of any shape ..give it a go gently!!!! at first and you will be surprised..because the first spin off is how much more Mentally alert you begin to feel by getting blood circulating to the brain etc Physical/mental balances you out
anyways take your.. time gently give exercise a go... stimulating and keeping the neural pathways open
Cheers L.O.L.....Ian (M)