Exercise bike

I’m very newly diagnosed. I see that cycling is beneficial and as I would be a danger to other road users on a real bike I’m considering one for the home ( much less risk to the general public!!). Any advice / views please?

Hi Alfsnan,

There’s quite a lot of information suggesting that using an exercise bike can be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s but I haven’t found any definitive evidence one way or the other - it doesn’t mean it’s not there, I just can’t find it. There’s also quite a lot of talk about forced exercise on an exercise bike but I don’t really know what this means :roll_eyes:.

I strongly suspect that I’m saying nothing that you haven’t thought of but if you enjoy indoor cycling and get some advice on suitable and safe models, then why not go for it. I’m not sure how you can try one out before buying but I’m sure there would be a way to do so.

As long as you do it safely and maybe get advice on the best way to use it as part of an exercise programme, it surely can’t do any harm and may well be quite beneficial :blush:.

Personally, I find that I am totally unmotivated to exercise on my own in my flat, I can spend way too much time on my own in my flat as it is. I like being outside and I’m motivated by company and interaction but we are all very different so it’s really good to experiment to find out what works for you.

Good luck and please post again to say how you get on.
J x

Hi welcome, I was offered a gym membership at reduced rates apparently something for anyone with a long term medical condition. However, when I went to look around I felt quite intimidated by the equipment and the people there and alongside the opening times 0700 - 2200 decided it wasn’t for me. I start work around 0530/0630 and by the time I get to lunchtime am shattered so wouldn’t be going on the way home from work! When i actually thought about it I just need to build a little more cardio into my current routine, physio sets, yoga and walking so decided to buy an exercise bike. I hop on each morning and do a couple of miles and have even done it whilst been on a team meeting without the camera! I would say if you enjoy cycling and it’s not something that’s going to sit in the corner and disappear under coats then go for it! Feel you can’t beat the fresh air and I get a walk in each day. You may pick one up on ebay or site not too expensive :smile:

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Thank you for your replies. Decision time now :thinking:

Not sure if this is helpful but, in my part of Edinburgh there is a voluntary organisation ‘for anyone living with a long-term health condition, disability or facing a challenging life situation.’
As a member I can use their gym including exercise machines with help and guidance when needed free of charge. Might be worth checking if there is anything similar near you before buying anything.

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I have just joined my local gym and will be going for an intro session next week and will then get a free consultation to arrange an exercise regime. The Membership is free under a scheme to support those with certain specified conditions. This is through the Everyone Active scheme. I have found that committing to something is a great help - it works with the volunteer roles have . I agree it can be daunting but the staff are very much aware of how much this can affect people and the free access a carer has to be with you whilst you’re there is very reassuring. So fingers crossed it will work for exercise. I dont know if this is available across the country but maybe worth a look around. Rabbit.

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My wife has Parkinson’s. I’m a cyclist and have had a Turbo machine so my wife and I can both use the bike. It didn’t get much use on the turbo.
We recently bought a 2nd hand recumbent exercise bike - you take a chair rather than saddle sitting position, so it’s much easier on the back. IIs small enough and very quiet so we leave it in the lounge. My wife can watch TV as she peddles.

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Hi Alfsnan
I definitely find my exercise bike beneficial, my advice would be to place it near a window to give you an interest and to stop you getting bored. a CD or a tape player and a set of head phones, to listen to your favourite music, And off you go happy cycling.


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Thank you for your replies. I have purchased a bike for home (not too expensive) and my son is coming round to assemble it this evening. I’ll let you know how I get on. Could be interesting !!!

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Alfsnan, I used to cycle regularly, prior to PD hours at a time. Now my balance is such I would not trust a ride outdoors. I had a nice bike (Cannondale) so I bought a Kinetic (Trade mark) rolling road, cost £250 but I’ve used it everyday for about 10 years now. So If you have a bike already that’s an option. I ride watching TV, 40 mins a day.

good luck

Hi how you are you getting on then? Hopefully well :smile:

Hi AnaElsa
I’m using the bike dsily but as yet only have it on an easy setting and have only managed about 4 kilometres avday. But, its a start. I’m trying to add an imogi😀

Hi fab! I don’t change the setting on mine, and 4km is gret! Emoji - when you type in your text box can you see the faded out icons above? They’re in there or if you can’t see them type :
colon and then several should come up for you, happy cycling :man_biking: