Exercise makes medication work better

I have been using an apomorphine syringe driver for about two months now and have noticed that my symptoms seem to be much reduced if I engage in some sort of cardiovascular exercise. Nothing too strenuous, but enough to raise the heart rate and make me slightly out of breath. A 20 minute walk is ideal. My theory is that brisk exercise gets the blood circulating and takes the medication to the brain much more quickly and efficiently. I realise that vigorous exercise is not an option for all Parkinson's sufferers but keeping as physically active as possible definitely pays dividends  

Hi Christo,

I couldn`t agree with you more - here`s one of my posts on the subject from earlier this year.


Just a short note to anyone out there who doubts the importance of regular exercise for us Parkies.

I was recently laid low with a stomach bug and did no exercise at all for 3 days -  it was an effort just to get out of bed.

I routinely exercise up to two hours a day using an exercise bike and the Wii Fit Plus - I`m 62 but have a Wii Fit Plus age of 23.......Okay, I cheat a little,especially with the yoga routines.

Consequently my rigidity and tremor increased greatly and it`s taken the last 3 days ( back on my exercise routine ) for my symptoms to return to normal.

So there you are, undeniable proof that regular exercise DOES have a positive impact on Parky symptoms


I  try to go fishing for my exercise

i'll try and walk a bit of distance up too a mile each way which is the distance from my house too the beach. its stamina and endurance and the goal if i can keeping doing it i have achieved & maintained some sort of level of past normality, there are days when it's a real struggle, will i get home?, there maybe a day when i do not.

While i'm there fishing beyond the physical i'm also exercising my mind technically and with my hands dexterity. I do have too recognise my limitations though and if i over do it then i pay for it that day and often the following day or days.