Exercise making symptoms worse

I’m struggling with exercise, it seems to make my symptoms worse. My left arm tremor is very subtle most times yet when I do boxercise my left hand is shaking so much. Likewise, when I try and do tai chi, my right side is smooth , my left hand is shaking and stiff. I was hoping that exercise, as it has previously in my life, would help me with my anxiety around this. It’s doing the opposite, I’m doing half an hour of boxercise and it’s all doing is highlighting that at 43 I can’t even punch with my left hand… I’d love to go for a jog, I can’t even walk to the shops without my left foot cramping up. Anyone similar or have any success with exercise that has helped them with their symptoms?

Hi @DB123, :wave:

First of all, good on you for trying to do some exercise to manage your symptoms - it is a shame that it hasn’t been working out for you as you hoped. People with complex symptoms often find it difficult to do the exercises like jogging and boxercise which can sometimes be very disappointing as you’ve expressed in your post, however, it may be helpful if you focus on everyday movements and activities you have difficulty with.

We call this supported workouts which can make you feel safe and confident. For example, try chair-based exercise or exercise standing up while holding on to something sturdy. Or you may find it helpful to talk to a physiotherapist who knows about Parkinson’s for more advice and to plan the right exercise for you, especially if you’re just getting started. We have a lot of information on alternative workouts via our website which you can find here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/exercise-more-complex-symptoms

I’m sure there’ll be members on the forum that can offer some first hand advice, however in the interim, please feel free to give our helpline a call for more information and support on 0808 800 0303.

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That’s interesting. I have a right arm tremor that is barely noticeable most of the time. When I run (for exercise) my right arm goes mad especially when I am really pushing myself. I either have to slow down or hold it down by my hips and tense it up to stop it. Sometimes just really focussing my mind on it can stop it moving around too.

I cycle a lot and play badminton (when allowed) and neither of those trigger these arms movements. :man_shrugging:

i have unilateral pd to my left side and the shaking was quite bad at times. i found that for some relief if. gently rubbed my forehead with a finger tip, the area between the eyebrows. you may find that it could be you that is causing the tremor. you might unknowingly be inviting the tremor by thinking of it too much. now heres the tricky part. how do you rid it from your mind. that bit i can’t answer. only that if you can put something else in your thoughts it may help