Exercise- PD Warrior

I’ve experienced at first hand how beneficial exercise, boxersise and particularly PD warrior is for me personally. I also understand that this is supported by science.

When talking to newly diagnosed patients it appears that an all too familiar pattern occurs. You receive the bad news from a neurologist or other medical professional and are prescribed three Sinemet or similar per day and off you go, taking an ever increasing amount and variety of drugs and suffering the side effects.

PD warrior is expensive, I pay for example £40.00 per session. I’m lucky, I can afford it but why oh why is n’t Parkinsons UK, or somebody lobbying the government to provide PD warrior or similar on the NHS ?

It would save money in the long run, theoretically slowing down progression, keeping people active and in employment longer.

We don’t have to take more and more medication and retire to our armchairs and eventually bed for eternity when exercising to our limit assists in the management of this curse.

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In my area there is a weekly physiotherapy exercise class run jointly by the NHS and the local PUK. We pay £4.00 a session. The exercises we do include the PD Warrior exercises.

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Hi Jane.

That’s really good to know but my experience is that not many patients who are newly diagnosed are made aware of these things.
Most PD patients I speak to in young working age groups are told to take medication and that’s about it.
I’m sure you find that most people who do PD warrior or any other form of exercise benefit and if it is down to £4.00 per session surely it should be government funded.

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My local classes are £40 for 8 sessions. They are based on the PD Warrior exercises but can’t use the name because of the expensive franchising arrangements - which I imagine is part of the reason PD Warrior classes can’t be offered on the NHS.

Our local area Parkinsons group have started up an exercise group that includes PD Warrior exercises and it is called Challenge PD. We have managed to get a sponsorship that pays for this group to take place, as we are self funding we were very lucky to have this sponsorship. It is worth joining your local Parkinsons group where you should receive a lot of advice etc, try and find a group in your area. You may even join their committee and help out with certain things, it is very rewarding



I’ve been diagnosed for 10 years but would say I’ve been lucky to have had a good controlled 5 years. I was recently referred to a physio for pre Warrior classes and found the exercises really helpful- the idea is that they find new pathways to the brain to replace others. Simple things like swinging your arms when you walk are amazing! Unfortunately due to the current situation the class has been postponed but I try to follow the pre exercises now and again. The class is free in Scotland.


Hi All. PD Warrior does any one know if there are any classes in Liverpool ? When things get back to normal. How about u tube ? I’ve looked but it comes up with a price in dollars. Am I missing something ? I am starting to exercise all the time, if I start to shake I do star jumps, ok at the moment, but at the bus stop, dentists waiting room, church, Tesco ?? I have an exercise bike which is really helpful & a cross trainer which is hard going. From what I have read about pd warrior it sounds like it has a positive affect. Hope some one can help. Take good care & safe. Teresa :blush:

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I’m a great believer in exercise to relieve some of the balance/stiffness effects of PD.

I used to go to the gym twice a week until it was closed due to coronavirus.

The coaches at Core in Sandbach are really flexible and tailor the routines to suit me. So when all gets back to normal I’ll be back doing my stuff.
In the meantime I’m exercising in the garage and Driveway.

67 and diagnosed 5 years ago

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Hi Teresa.
I go to neurological fitness in Little Stretton Warrington.
It’s obviously closed for now but I would highly recommend it.

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Hi Keefley Thanks for your reply. I agree exercise is very beneficial. I was watching a Dr Micheal Mosely documentory about dancing, the samba. Another avenue to explore it looked interesting. Keep working out and take care. Teresa

Hi Duffer, Thank you for your info. It looks very interesting, but a bit pricey ? Well I will contact them and see what they say. Take care. Teresa

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Hi All, I am replying to Duffers initial comment, I have just completed the 10Week challenge on the PD Warrior programme, I am still a member of the community Tribe 365 ( I was first told about the web page by my local PD physio during a home visit). Prior to this I had been struggling to find some meaningful exercise to go along with my Yoga class, walking my daughter’s dog after my local swimming pool closed down stopping my aqua aerobics class. I am a 71 widow and was diagnosed with Parkinsons 5 and a half years ago, and Duffers is right I was diagnosed by a neurologist, put on 3 Sinemet tablets and signed over to the Elderly Care Dept at our local NHS. After the initial period 12 months of feeling normal I began having problems with ‘wearingoff’ and ‘sleep disruptions’, now I take 15 tablets per day, even 1 at 2am- 3am, but I still have same problems today, as well as anxiety issues.
I know you have to pay to join PD Warrior but I had next to no social life, my medications controlled my life. I am not a sporty person but I have always tried to keep fit, and it was a struggle at times to fit all the exercises in, but there was 77 others from all around the world mainly 60+ taking alongside me. Not only did it make me feel better but it helped me to get in and out of bed without help the first time for months. My self confidence came back and I began to feel I can do this, last year I gave away all my shoes with heels on cos I had slipped into Parkinson mode and believed I wouldn’t be able to wear them again. The week I finished the challenge 18th March I bought a new pair of boots with heels and I’ve worn them twice would have been more except for this self isolation rule. The 10Week challenge gave me self belief and that is worth its weight in gold not only for now but for the future, I only wish I’d known about it when I was diagnosed. Their mantra is ‘Nobody dies from Parkinsons and you only have one life and lets make the best of it.Be Brave and Train’ Myself and my Physio are trying to find ways of making it more in the public domain.


Lucky to have PD warrior class in Chesterfield looking forward to getting back to it after “lockdown “

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Hi Mowood, You are exactly what I needed !!! I have been looking, reading, thinking, doubting, agonizing, walking up the walls !! My mind is made up I shall go for the 10 week challenge. I haven’t worn heels for years !! I am 63 and was diagnosed 2016. I am at the point were I either make one last effort, or stay on the couch and age very quickly. So Mowood thank you so much you have made my day !!! Keep safe and well Teresa. :laughing:


Wow ! @mowood ! Fabulous story. You’ve also inspired @Teresa1

I though it was just me that got such a benefit. A personal trainer is expensive but I’ve been made aware since my initial comments that there are lots of affordable ways to keep moving.

Prior to my diagnosis at 55 I was a lager and cigar man. Exercise was not on my agenda.

Great to hear people having a go at fighting this curse.

Hats off to you.

Hello Duffers and Teresa1
I would also recommend Neuroactive Fitness in Stretton.
We have found it expensive too. We’re not wealthy and have made big sacrifices for my hubby to attend but for us it’s absolutely worth every penny and more.
My hubby has been attending twice per week for almost two years and the improvements to his strength, balance, co-ordination and mood have been miraculous.
I would love this to be available on the NHS and maybe one day it will be but for now, my hubby is continuing with his exercises at home (thankfully he has the motivation) and we’re looking forward to this lockdown finishing so that my hubby can get back to Neuroactive Fitness.

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I think we have met at the working age group meeting ?

Hope hubby is still exercising at home and hope to see you soon

Best wishes.


It’s a “Chinese herbal medicine” company in South Africa flogging two bottles of stuff for $400.

Apparently you are able to run marathons, climb mountains and fly drinking their herbal tea !!!

No need for neurologists or other medical professionals .

talk about Red bull gives you wings !!!

Hello there Duffers.
Yes, if you mean the Warrington Working Age Group then we’ve met although I have no idea which one you are as I’m assuming that Duffer isn’t your real name ? :grinning:
Hubby is doing very well (thank goodness) other than his walking.
He’s exercising for about an hour 5 days per week in his little home gym with his music blasting and also in our garden and the improvements are wonderful to see.
The time he’s spent with Grant at Neuroactive fitness has given him the skills, knowledge and motivation to continue exercising at home.
He’s bright and cheery too.
Hope you’re doing well, whoever you are and managing to keep up with your exercise regime. Take good care of yourself and hopefully we’ll all meet up in the near future.

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My first name is Chris. I was sat with Sue last time we met in the Hotel in Stretton.

Glad to hear you are both doing OK.