has anyone any experience or vibration plates? I notice that the suppliers claim they can help with Parkinson's, MS etc

I regularly use a Power Plate. I use it to warm up before exercise and for balance. Personally think they are pretty good.
MURF :stuck_out_tongue:

wot does it look like and wot u do with it?:smile:

thanks Murf. Allij the power plate is a machine which vibrates you stand on it. I haven't got one but am thinking of getting one. They claim to help. They are called Power plate if you want to google it.

Hi musicman, I have a power plate and really rate it. It's the only exercise that I can do these days, cos of the joint pains.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks glenchass. At this stage I am pleased to get some positive replies. Is your machine noisy? I am confused by all the different makes

Hello again Musicman, in answer to your question about the exrcise machine. No mine isnt noisy at all, it makes a fairly quiet humming noise. I cant get my hubby of it, its great if your feeling really stiff becasue your actually not moving the joints at all. I did a lot of investigating into prices ect before I bought one because they can be very expensive. I finally got one from a shop on e bay and it was about £150 I think. I wouldnt be without it now.


Having given up swimming & walking resticted I invested in an exercise bike & a "stepper" Balance problems mean that I find both bifficult & downright uncomfortable. So I looked into Power Plate & quickly looked away. In the site I visited PP cost more than our car! And the car goes from A to B (usually). Thank you Glenchass for indicating a price. I will do some more research

Hi, just had a quick look on google (fitness-superstore) there is a $499 machine going for $199 as its ex-display (sorry those signs should be pounds sterling my laptop has a us keyboard!) The power plates look good anyone any idea if local authority fitness centres have them?? Cheers, tc

Thanks tc, I'll have a look