Does anyone know if Vibration Exercise machines are good or bad for early stage Parkinson’s. I am thinking of getting one and would like to know if there would be any adverse effects to my tremor.

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We have one in our house, it’s not mine but I have used it many times. No real adverse effects, but we’re all different. My partner has a bad knee and it made it a lot worse, so much so that she stopped using it. If you’re going to get one, have a look for a bluefin brand on eBay or Gumtree, there are loads of used ones for sale. There the sort of item that people get bored of.

Thanks for the advice JonJoe, will take that into account should I eventually get one.

I have found the recumbent style (I have a Marcy - model ME709) to be good for those with back issues. Also I have the ‘restless leg’ syndrome, which I find can be relieved by 5 mins on the bike (my main reason for using it).
Generally the dearer ones have a lot of computer gizmo’s that you may or may not use. The very cheapest apply the ‘loading’ that you pedal against rather crudely, but better ones feel the same as a real bike riding uphill.
They can be heavy to move around if you don’t have spare space.

Thanks phil_63, sounds like good advise. My main problems, apart from Parkinson’s, is back, knee and hip problems. Sounds like short, slow and steady is the right way to go.