neuros always tell us some kinda exercise is good for us,joints muscles ,self belief,,well wot type of eecise helps you,igo to the gym ,which is done through the gp,phiseos,and i go on the wii,and if i can have a walk to the ponds by me and woods:smile:
Hi Alli J if you go on youtube and search under exercise for Parkinsons there are a few videos there which I find very good []
thanks music man x:smile:
my husband has been to a neuto physio . He found them most helpfuland understanding .
He has recently had a kneecap replacement on top of the Parkinsons and so hasnt been able to get about at all . Obviously he has become more apprehensive and afraid to walk outside ..
The physio gave him some exercises mainly for his balance . It's very early days and his knee is improving very slowly its 4 months since the op , but i do think the balance exercise is helping his confidence
im finding wot the neuro from staffs hosp told or pd group couple months ago about exercise ,is that it does make u feel beter about ur self ,and ur confidence ,balnce will im prove:smile: