I broke my hip in a fall in January. Before this I was fully mobile around the house, though I used a stick when out and about. Since the fall my balance has got a lot worse and I am unable to walk without a frame. I know I should be exercising to buildup strength in my legs but this is difficult when my balance is so bad. What would people suggest as a suitable exercise please? And how long for?

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Perhaps you could go to a gym and use the rowing machines that allow you to row and use your legs at the same time.
I’m sure there are a number of other similar machines.

Simple basic exercising to start with, than build up slowly.

I would recommend in the start just doing sets of getting up from the chair, and see if you can do so without using your hands.

There are lots of seated exercises than can be completed, if you have access to you tube search for Parkinson’s seated exercises.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it would be quite difficult for me to get to the gym. Maybe I’ll look into how much they are to buy

I will. Thanks

You honestly just need a simply rowing machine that works legs as well.
It will not take up much room and they are not that expensive.

My suggestion also. There are loads of channels and videos on YouTube which have tonnes of workouts, exercises for PD, for all ages, abilities etc. The advantage is, there is no expensive equipment to buy (usually a dining chair is all that’s required). They’re free, and you can do them whenever, wherever you want. As an example, do a search for ‘Power for Parkinsons’ and browse their video’s.

Hello Jgo

You may like to give this a try, it may help get you started. I came across Lauren Lewis several weeks ago and she has a whole lot of different videos on all aspects of Parkinson’s and I now regularly use them on days when I don’t have a booked session. It may complement the other suggestions made, you can do it at home and the only cost is a bit of time and effort,

How about going to the doctor and asking for a podiatry referral. Bones do not always heal back to their exact original condition. That’s why you can see fracture scars and bone damage on x rays and ancient skeletons. Ive been sure all my adult life that one leg is longer than the other, and my balance has always been abysmal and I’m flat footed and my left foot turns in when I’m tired. Can’t stand on one leg or walk a straight line. Hip x ray thirty years ago showed nothing. I fractured my knee in a fall two years ago, and hips, knees and ankles ached abysmally and I felt very unstable so I used a stick. Podiatrist confirmed that my right leg is almost an inch longer than my right. I finally got proper corrective orthotics last year, aged 64

Thank you Aliongs. Being left with one leg slightly longer than the other is a possibility after hip replacement but I think it’s mainly because I haven’t done enough exercise and my muscle has deteriorated. I am trying to catch up and hoping it’s not just the Parkinson’s getting wose

Hello go
My husband had hip replacement 6yrs into diagnosis 14 years ago. I don’t want to go into what happened much further down the line but it is enough to say he managed to stay mobile until approx 1 year ago .
The one thing I would like to highlight is don’t be in any rush to manage without your rollator .It is your one piece of safety equipment which you can also use it as an aid to exercise safely After hip surgery, due to Parkinson’s, recovery is generally double what you would expect. Additionally you are at risk of dislocation of the prosthesis should you fall again.
I am tempted to give you a raft of things you can do but better I think to private message me if you need to know more.

Once again use the rollator for what it is, an aid to move safely and focus on good walking. You cannot do tight turns with a four wheeled rollator, a falls risk but you can sit on it when tired (essential for some during recovery )

I wish you well and am sure with consistency of effort you will get through this somewhat challenging time.

Much love to you

Hallo Jgo, I find my stationary bike is very good for exercising the lower parts of the body. Get a good heavy duty one . I listen to music as I pedal which seems to make the time+go faster.