I have lost a lot of body weight and muscle. Thinking of trying cycling at a local gym. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying Pilates. It's not easy but I hope it stops muscle wastage. I used to bike and swim, these have gone by the wayside. The lady who runs the Pilates is very helpful with alternative exercises when I struggle.

Hi, jaki --

Cycling has been shown to be highly beneficial to Parkinson's patients.  If you can do it and enjoy it, by all means use that as one of your forms of exercise.  Personally, at the gym I find the elliptical more energising and effective for flexibility in my joints than the cycles.  Nevertheless, I still use the recumbent cycle once in a while.  We pwp need vigorous exercise as long as our balance allows.  Yet Saturn's Pilates, like yoga and Tai Chi, is also a needed form of exercise:  a gentler exercise promoting stretching, flexibility, balance, and smooth movement.  The main thing is simply to keep moving!

Best regards,    J

Last week my Pilates teacher gave me a video of armchair Pilates........sounds easy doesn't it.......not if you do it properly it isn't.

Anyone slightly less ambulant might find this useful.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is motivation if you work alone. Your idea of the gym is more motivational.

14 very energetic ladies provide my motivation. Even though I can't do it all I try and that's the secret in my book. I know I will decline but I'm sure it will delay the inevitable.

Hi Jaki........my PD nurse encourages exercise but to not over do it! I am not sporty at all!sad face but i do love to dance, Ballroom, sequence and line, i won't make "Strictly" but i enjoy it and it helps a lot with balance and co-ordination......also i tend to stroll more than walk but it all helps, i just do not want to seize up. Do what you can, when you feel like it, a happy balance i guess.....good luck with it


We need more ballroom Dolly......it stops us speaking with a high pitched voice.


I haven't quite got round to those kind of trousers yet Dolly........I see kids wearing them with crotch down by their knees. It makes me laugh........only old men used to wear them......now they are called fashionable.

My preference is jeans that fit round the bum. I only wear trousers for births, deaths and marriages.

I find Tai chi, Qi gong and Yoga really beneficial. The only problem is being motivated enough to do it on my own. I definitely am better in a class.

Motivation is usually gained from my wife who will not let me rest on my laurels. I think it's cruelty to Morphs, she says it's kindness, to make sure I don't seize up.

I share my motivation with 14 ladies on a Monday, my wife kicks my backside if I don't go.



i totally agree that exercise is good for both body and mind .  Belonging to a gym is, for me, worth every penny.    I do a Kinesis class 2-3 times a week which improves flexibility, balance and strength.  I also use a rowing machine and at home I have bought and use a Medicarn Bslimmer (vibration plate) every day, this improves circulation and 'shakes' all muscles into action.   Every day I am able I will exercise to help keep the symptoms at bay as much as I can.   Maybe there is some truth in 'use it or lose it'.  

Sure is Hazy. Like the idea of a vibrating plate it should loosen up tensed muscles and save the cramps.

My Pilates teacher takes time and trouble to work out programs for me. It wasn't on today because the hall we use is full of an art exhibition. I not only missed the exercise I missed the laugh as well.