Exercises I have found extremely useful


Following daily exercise and regular decompression of the spine through a relaxation exercise (where the spine is gently stretched back to its full extension, restoring the surface area of the central nerve blood brain barrier, while opening up the extending nerve ways) before a warm bath and bed, has made such a difference.

After just four weeks the following aspect in benefits are apparent;

My knee joint pains are gone, and leg cramp (that use to stop me sleeping) has almost vanished, making walking upstairs a pleasure.

My sciatica has vanished completely, and I can sense if making an awkward movement that may aggravate the damaged vertebra.

Dexterity in my right hand is greatly improved (now its almost as sharp as my left hand) and I can use it again for typing.

My sense of smell has increased.

Skin tone and sensitivity has improved, and I now feel warm in the cooling winter weather, indicating improved circulation.

My sleep is deeper and the times of waking up in the very early hours are vanishing fast.

My arm tremor and spasms are less frequent and more gentle.

The almost constant 'responsive need' to sway the hips when standing doing a task has almost completely gone.

My general posture has improved (while I did not measure my height before I feel that I have probably gained about 2 cm in stature).

I do not seem to tire out so quickly, and I am no longer pausing for breath as before.

My mental sense in well being has improved, and I am smiling a lot more with all the renewed agility.

Having reduced the Stalevo dose earlier in the summer, and following a few half hour sessions with a Sports injury Physiotherapist, followed up with the daily decompression exercises, I feel things have now stabilised. And while my GP is very pleased by the apparent progress (while he prodded my spine in relation to the disc hernias), I await to discuss the improvements in more depth, and medication implications with my neurologist in the New Year.

For those interested, the exercises I do are described here.


Really useful and hopeful post
Hi Davech,

The way I see it, :flushed: in the past I had not taken the time to consider the physical healthy cell aspect of the nervous system in relation to the mechanical properties of the body, (and I guess like many the terms healthy diet and good exercise, mean a balanced diet with fresh vitamins etc., and a reasonable amount of physical activity).

However, while being reasonably active during the day, a MRI of my spine showed a section where the central nerve was squeezed to a fifth of the size it should be, and I was given the option of injections or surgery to open up the vertebra canals:fearful: The thought terrified me to the point where (with images in hand) I asked my physiotherapist to stretch and decompress the spine as a desperate last minute plea to avoid the knife.

The relief from sciatica pain was immediate and the process seemed to physically turn the PD clock back.

Establishing a routine that maintained and improved this posture aspect quickly followed, and in turn as time goes on I find the improvements are still occurring with each passing day. (In many aspects I feel I have gained a good twenty years)

While I realise every PD case is different, I sincerely hope others may benefit in a similar way.

hiya and welcome to the forum as well,im ali been dx for 11 years,im 42 years old.i was readin about the exercises you spoke about and i was very intrested.i go to a gym done by a gp system with me carer,but the exerise u say about sounds very useful for my spine and back,i have athritus of the spine and the vertibras on way out,6 of erm.but im sure your system will give me some kind of relaxation and help me ,thankyou for your post and im goin to look into all this x:smile:
Having returned from a consultation with my Neurologist I am smiling as I recall the expression on his face and his words 'the movement is very good,' while he put me through the usual walking and hand co-ordination exercises used to ascertain progression in PD.

More than this, he seemed amazed that, I have not needed the use of thermal underwear as in previous years, my general all round improvements, and accordingly with encouraging words, almost insistent, that I continue with my evening exercise routine I developed towards decompression, alignment and health of the spine.

And finally, while not apparently moved by the mention of the Borage and Coconut oils I take, he noted down the fact that I made no request for medication previously taken to relax the cramps, and I was very pleased when he wrote to prescribe Stalevo at various strengths; to accommodate the fluctuating requirement levels, providing me with the ability to adapt the dose to suit physical need.


While I realise it may not work for everyone, for those interested, the exercises I developed are described here. http://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/keep-fit