Exercising using a Vibration Plate


Does anyone know anything about the Vibration Plate machines used for toning and muscle exercising and whether they could help with muscle stiffness and increasing flexibility.   

Hi Hazysunshine

I have one called the 'BSLIMMER Vibration Plate', although I didn't buy it to lose weight.  I use it only occasionally - on those days when my muscles ache - but I find it really relaxing, especially when combined with  breathing, stretches and weights.

It seems to remind the brain where the muscles are and 'jiggles' them awake, if you know what I mean.  I wouldn't use it instead of regular exercise but, combined with it, I find the machine really beneficial.

Another useful gadget is a simple back stretcher, which arches the back to enable a good spine stretch. Either of these devices would be useful for anyone but are, in my opinion, especially good for Parkies as they improve flexibility.


Hi Lily,

I haven't been on here since my last post in March but did purchase a vibration plate.  How amazing to see you have a Bslimmer as I also bought a Bslimmer in March.  I love it and use it every day 2-3 times a day.  I really feel it is reaching and making muscles move that otherwise would want to stiffen or become increasingly weak and lazy.   It also improves circulation.  I bought it second hand for £25 and along with gym work has become a vital part of my daily routine in remaining mobile and flexible.

Hi Lily

i also have a vibration plate machine and find it relaxing of an evening for 20 mins when I remember!