Exercising your brain

have you found like me as pd has progressed that you find things much harder to understand,and also for your self to expalin to people wot your tryin to say to erm?i have found me self wobblin on and on tryin to get it all out,and reapetin things with out me relizin im doin so, also memory is much more poorer as well,ive tryed to keep me brain as active as possible durin the day ,with usin me laptop,and readin some books,wot has helped you to train ur brain to be more active?:smile:
Hi Ali j
I find memory training programs quite useful http://www.memorise.org/ is one place of many on the web, I also read how to books from the cheap book shops
hope you can find something you like 73 oldboy
thankyou you old boy for this info,im sure it will helps me x:smile:
Dear Alij

Just a thought - have you been checked for your Vitamin B12 levels? That can make a difference to mental sharpness.
hiya platespiner,to be honest im not to sure,ive had many bloods took in the past for vasrious things,but the vitimin one does not ring a bell:confused:does that vitamin make a difference to you then does it,and how?:smile:
I use puzzle books. Crosswords, codewords, sodoku, general knowledge quizes.
It's a case of "use it or lose it"
Hi ali j,
You may have noticed that the name of the thread has changed. I did this to make it easier for people browsing the forum to know what it's about... and to find it later. I hope this is okay.

As for brain training: I don't know if this works but I like to learn new languages to exercise my brain. Right now I'm learning German on the train into work!

yeah sure it fine ezinda,doin languages:fearful:i struggle with english,had special needs class in school for it:rolling_eyes:dint get to far with it as u most probs guessed for ya self :laughing:but i do think it is a good thing to do and doin it like on the train or bus in to work is good idea,some people read it,some people have it through ear phones dont they :smile: christo,puzzles,word searches,i find good as well,i carnt seem to do crosswords though ,i no i carnt spell,but also i find my concentration is very poor as well,i really like the social club on the forum cus it has some games to keeps ur brain workin and havin fun same time:smile:
I am doing a degree in my spare time, so that involves a lot of research and thinking. That keeps my mind active.

I work as well, which helps as I have to keep on top of things, supervising staff, managing budgets. Writing reports. Attending meetings etc

I think it's a case of use it or lose it. Doesn't really matter what you do as long as you do it.

Hi Plate spinner . Do you take VitB12 .. if so have you found it helpful . My husband had a blood test for this . I have an appt with his GP later in the week and I will ask him about it ..
Good for you, Caroline!

The method I use is to be Secretary of my local opera group. It’s a big, thriving company which always gives me plenty to do as I have to liaise with lots of different people – Conductor, Principals, Orchestra, Committee, Chorus and others. I am a member of the Chorus myself and we are currently ‘note-bashing’ for Aida which, musically, is quite challenging. Then we start on ‘production’, which involves memorising the movements and stage positions – as well as the words and timing.

Nobody knows about my condition, so I find it quite difficult sometimes to focus on the job whilst trying to hide the tremor and wobbly gait, but I love the whole experience, from auditions to final performances, and feel the singing helps preserve my speaking voice. The fact that nobody knows enables me to pretend that I’m ‘normal’, whereas if they knew the truth they might start carrying my chair (we have to put them back to where they came from at the end of each rehearsal), helping me on with my coat and looking at me with a pained expression, saying “How ARE you? I’ve always been an independent person and I don’t know how I would handle that. One day I will have to, but not today.