Experimental Treatments

There are often trials of new clinical courses starting up all over the world. But I often wonder at what stage would I join in. I have all the problems of a middle-of-the-road PD sufferer and consequently am very interested in a cure.

The newest treatment involves an injection of a modified virus into your brain!. I think I am not brave enough to have that done yet. What about you? DBS sounds scary too.

I think we should all stand back and admire the bravery of the first pioneers of these treatments. They are brave souls indeed.

I wouldn't like to be the first human after the monkeys!
Hi Spam95,

I got a glimpse of what DBS looked like on a person on Embarrassing Bodies programme the other day and was more horrified of the look of big round prominent lumps underneath the skin of the chest than the staples holding together the skin in a huge semi-circle on his head :fearful: The results were amazing though!

I too thank these wonderful people who are brave enough to be the 'first human guinea pigs' making a brighter outlook for our futures!

I found a site written by a surgeon explaining EXACTLY how to do DBS, unfortunately i have lost the link. Most interesting was how very practical the instructions were.
I wouldnt have any problem getting DBS but i wouldnt be seen within a mile of an experiment like the virus injection. Well done to those brave enough to give it a go. Ladies and heroes first!
Hey guys,
I had DBS back in 2007 i was 38 and it is the most amazing thing, its fantastic, initially i was disappointed but with each visit to UCL, we tweaked this and that and now it is great !! i'm due a battery change towards the end of the year, just hope they've got some new turbo charged, gti model with lots of twiddley bits on it !!!