Expert Patient Programme

This programme is provided by the local PCT, and I came across it by chance. It applies to anyone a long term condition, and their carers. We all have some symptoms in common, such as stress,fatigue pain, insomnia, mild depression, and so on. the course is designed to provide us with techniques to overcome,reduce, or at least deal with, such symptoms, and helps us to communicate with our carers, family and medical staff.
I found the course useful and challenging. I was the only PD there. The group was supportive, the course leaders are recruited from previous attendees, so are also living with long term conditions.
Anyone else been on this or similar courses? Comments, please.
Hi Wrinklygran

I went on an Expert Patient course 2years ago but gave up halfway through as I was gaining nothing from it. Maybe a case of right course wrong time, I was already doing most of what they suggested. I often wonder how long people continue practicing what they have learnt as once away from the motivation of being on the course it is so easy to slip back into old ways.
Like everything else its a very individual thing and will be a great help to some people, the course was very well run but it wasn't for me.
I now go to a PD support group once a month (mixture of ages)and have gained so much from it including some very good friends.

I have just finished attending this programme and although maybe useful to someone just diagnosed, it reinforced what I already knew. It was good to meet other people of all ages with long term conditions and we found we all had a lot in common. If you have a positive outlook and are receptive to suggestions/ideas, it is worthwhile attending.
I put my name down several times in the last year, and I am still waiting. My wife put her name down for the Expert Carers Program, two weeks later she was on it. What is that all about...........Not reading anything into it just thought it queer, I always said the Sun shone out my wife's.......HEH HEH:laughing:
It would appear that it depends where you live. The programme was going well a few years ago, then the reorganisation of the PCT led to a decline, and now our local PCT is expanding the programe again. Keep pressing for it, and press the PCT to answer. Contact the LINk and the local Health Panel.

I went on the course about 3 years ago and found that I knew most of what I was being told already! It was a good opportunity for me to meet people and I enjoyed the course, although I found several people seemed only to be on the course because they were "made" to do it and did not provide any positive input. It reassured me that I was handling my illness the best I could at that time.

GOT A DATE at last.............
Hi Breeze,
I have found now I have started the course, most of it I do everyday anyway, manage my meds, exercise and eating well......a bit disappointed myself, thought there would be more to it.
It gets me out the house though, and I meet some other people with different problems.

Bos aka Phil:grin: