Exposure to Genklene /Inhibisol degreasers and parkinsons

My name is Keith aged 59 and recently diagnosed with PD .
I have been reading a posting by Betty blue regarding exposure of degreasers /Genklene / Inhibisol and the connection with PD which is said to increase risk 6 / 10 fold .
I worked at Cummins diesel engines ltd using these degreaser without extraction for about 2 years even though it was 40 years ago , it’s documented it can take 10 to 40 years to affect anyone.
I wonder how many others have had exposure ?
I have spoken to the union solicitors regarding this situation who are looking into the claim so any more cases or information would could be of mutual interest would be welcomed.
I have found a Canadian navy vet has succeeded in prosecution and compensation against the navy regarding tce exposure and the onset of pd