Extra Hands in the Shower

Hi all,

I'm looking for some practical help/advice please on shower accessories that can assist people with the reduced mobility brought on from Parkinson's.  Over the past year it has been increasing difficult for my father to clean his back in the shower, get thoroughly dry after, etc., and instead of wasting time and money trying out various things (which I have done in the past) I thought I'd pop onto the forum and ask members who might have similar issues or who have come across this particular issue and get some ideas. 

I've already purchased a good cotton bath robe for my father as it takes him ages to try and dry his back but it's washing that's the real problem.  I've looked online at things such as long handled brushes, long length Japanese washing cloths but they're not exactly 'easier options' as they don't have, say, easy grips handles and they still require a lot of stretching and to-and-fro rubbing action which I know you'll have to do anyway to some extent but this is where the main issue lies as his Parkinson's is really slowing him down. 

Is there anything simpler, easier, more user-friendly out there to use so that I can help him keep that bit of independence going? 

I'd welcome any ideas/products that you have found useful.

Thanking you in advance for your time and help.