Extreme anxiety

I'm sure there are loads of threads on anxiety - sorry for a new one.

My wife was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. I raised a thread on her moving from the trial dose ages back. Everyone advised to stay on it. She went with the NP. It made no difference.

Her brother died of cancer earlier this year. That was difficult. She moved to 4 tablets - no difference.

I had a blood clot in my leg last week, no big deal, I'll be over it completely soon but can't drive yet. As it happens we went to A&E on the day my wife started an extra tablet - a slow release thru the night to keep her 'topped up'. Not the best day to start.

This week (Monday) our eldest son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and had an emergency op. We haven't been able to get to him (60 miles away). We plan for our other son to take us Saturday.

She is in total meltdown. It's like she's on no tablets, not an extra one. Now she says she doesn't want our son to see her like she is and she worries that we might get stuck on the Mway (it has happened once). 

Her legs ache, she's shakey, her breathing isn't right.

She phoned her NP yesterday and was advised to go to the GP. We both slept poorly last night, so late up, we didn't get to the phone till nearly 9 - all appointments taken. We're waiting to see if we can get a cancellation.

I can't think that what anyone on here can say other than offer sympathy. She doesn't believe in psychology and the like.

Any suggestions? Has anyone been prescribed meds that have worked to control the nerves/anxiety. (She had betablockers for a while before she was diagnosed. They didn't appear to do anything.)

She's desperate and I'm useless.

Hi Timkford

Sorry that I have no specialised knowledge to help you. 

You have both had a series of awful family health events, any one of which would have been difficult enough to cope with on its own.  Your wife probably IS feeling desperate, but I am sure you are NOT useless. After all, you have come to the forum and I am sure that soon somebody will respond helpfully.

Otherwise contact the PUK helpline, phone number on here, who will advise.

Best wishes to you both,


Hi Timkford,

I'm so sorry to read about all your wife and you are going through at the moment.

It's a good idea to talk to your GP about this and find out how he can help.

In the meantime, you're welcome to ring our helpline (as suggested by Supa): 0808 800 0303 (Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm).

Wishing you and your wife all the best,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

Thanks both.

I wrote the helpline number down and handed it to my wife a few days ago. She's never been on this site and is reluctant to call a helpline. (Can't win!)

I'll give it to her again.

The NP pointed us to the GP. Couldn't get an appointment yesterday. Started ringing at 8am this morning - dialled for 13 minutes continuously - before 8 and it says not open, but the queuing system didn't kick in. Eventually it rang for 2 minutes then we got a dead tone. We rang for a further three then got the message that all appts were taken. (Did I say can't win!)

My wife is OK at the moment. Really her anxiety has been varying wildly lately. She starts getting anxious half an hour before her next tablet is due and sometimes stays incredibly anxious for 30 or 40 minutes afterwards. 

I looked on the Michael J  Fox site and noted Paroxeteine (Paxil) and Venlafroxine (Effexor XR) were both mentioned for treating depression without affecting motor symptoms.

She took half a Proponolol yesterday - she'd got these from prior to being diagnosed, but is reluctant to mix drugs without advice.

She might get a phone call from a GP today. I would have gone with her to an appt and mentioned the above meds. so I hope she will.

We plan to go up to see my son  on Saturday, but on and off she doesn't know whether she can stand being in a car for 2 hours plus or how she'll be when we get there. Desperate to see him but not to get into problems and be seen in a state. 

Thanks again.

Hello again,

you could ring the helpline yourself and talk generally about your wife's condition. 


Thanks Supa. I was thinking of doing that. Signed on to check the hours now.

Went up to see my son in hospital yesterday. My wife held up well till my son started throwing up. His condition is worse, so you'll understand my wife's not good today. She's on a negative cycle that's difficult to break.

Hi Timkford,


"She doesn't believe in psychology and the like.".  Please assure your wife that the Helpline  offers practical and expert advice  - not just a listening ear  - although that is  on offer also.  Although your wife has plenty to be anxious about,  anxiety is a known symptom of Parkinsons and there are particular meds.recommended for PWP's which might help to break the negative cycle.  By now I hope you have been contact with the Helpline.


Best wishes

Thanks Eileen.

She tried Sertraline (or something like that) for a few days. It helped with the anxiety but brought on other P symptoms - tremors, aching legs.

We saw the Dr again yesterday, she's back on beta-blockers but tearful today.

Having missed out on the initial psych referral - she didn't need it at the time. It's been a run-around to get a new one. Gp, local P nurse, Gp, initial consultant, back to GP. The GP has written a referral. Just waiting.

Maybe need to see the GP again and try different drugs.

Hi  Timkford.

I know how you both feel.  My husband and I have suffered with PD for over 17 years, having crisis periods several times.    ;For some reason my PD is quite rapidly deteriorating and when I Go Off I get more anxious and I find the symptoms so hard to deal  with   I

I sort  of. understand what happens  but when I Go Off  I and I can't  move ,walk, or speak properly  something  in my brain clicks and a terrible panic  comes over me . The only thing I can do is go to bed and  continually do breathing  exercises.

I have been told that I m on the highest doses of PD meds they can give me. I've had all the tests for DBS but I wasn't  suitable.  Now I' m waiting to hear if I will be allowed to go for.DuaDopa. 

Keep going

with best wishes


Thanks Casie.

I'm not aware of DuaDopa, if it can help you then I hope you get on it.

She's not good today. Anxiety has reduced but she simply hasn't recovered to how she was before my son and I had problems. My problem's virtually gone. Our son is out of hospital and sounds fine but it's like all the anxiety of the past 2 weeks have advanced her P symptom by years.

My wife is not up to driving or going back to her p/t job. Just hoping everything will gradually come back to a few weeks back.

Good luck and best wishes.