Extreme fatigue

I know fatigue is a symptom of PD but my husband has no energy at all and sleeps in the day practically all the time. He is 76, Sinemet has caused him to suffer from hallucinations and paranoia so he has stopped taking it. He is due to speak to his Parkinson’s nurse in 3 days but just wondering anyone else has extreme fatigue and is it something that is a phase? Is there any medication that will help him stay awake in the day or give him more energy. He seems so weak and lifeless and sees little point in life.

hi, Im so sorry to hear how your husband is feeling . Im wondering if Mucuna would be something you would like to try. My dad was suffering from extreme off episodes. everytime he was due for his sinimet he was completely out. He had this intense tiredness that would put him into a deep sleep within seconds. Now we have slowly reduced his sinimet and is taken mucuna instead. He is alot more alert and his back at his computer working for longer hours. Hope this helps.

I dont want to comment on dosages as we are still experimenting what is the best for him

Thank you so much for your reply, Gila.
I had read about Mucuna but it is good to hear about someone’s personal experience with it. I know that my husband cannot continue as he is, as he has no quality of life at all atm. Sinemet had caused several unpleasant side effects so I think I will suggest he tries Macuna.
Are British Supplements a reliable company to use and does delivery take long?
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply - your help is greatly appreciated.

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This might help: Hallucinations and delusions | Parkinson's UK

Hi mckenzie, my husband has Parkinson’s Plus, he’s 74, and he is the same. Sleeps nearly all of the day, wakes for meals, struggles to go out walking very far now. He was on Madopar but it had little to no effect, so it’s been stopped. It’s very sad, as I feel that I’ve “lost” my lovely husband.

They may swap this this drug,or alter the times he takes them and possibly put him on a slow release drug at nighttime and give him some drug to help him sleep. The worst thing is not to do any exercise. Just start some small exercises ,i go to my local leisure center swim, sauna, steam room, and I’ve had pd from 36yrs now 52yrs old i get good days and bad but try my hardest to get up and do something. Pd nurse may suggest physio good luck :+1:

He was recommended this by a friend that uses it. We took the risk out of desperation. He no longer sleeps every 3 hours km the day. Now he just has one nap at 12.