Extreme Panic Attacks


I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has suffered from extreme panic attacks that are possibly associated with wearing off. 

My brother is currently experiencing a panic attack at around 4pm every day and then one during the evening. I think he also gets them around lunchtime as well. It is really hitting a crisis point at the moment, so any feedback or advice would be very welcome. 

We are wondering if it could be associated with the drugs Paxam or Azilect. 

Here are his current medications. He is 46 and has had Parkinson's for three years: 

1. 5:30am - 1 X 200mg Stalevo,  1mg Azilect

2. 9am - 150mg Stalevo

3. From then on, every 3 1/2 hours he takes Levadopa (200mg at the start of the day and then 150mg after that)

4. At bedtime he takes two Paxams. 

5. He has also been taking two more Paxams during the day to ward off panic attacks - is this advisable? I know this is a drug commonly used as a muscle relaxant and for epilepsy. His doctor said he would rather him reach for an extra Paxan than for more Levadopa though. 

Like I said, it has really hit a crisis point and we can only see his specialist once every four months here in Aus. 

Thank you - any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



have you tried phoning the help line for advice.

We are in Australia. We have contacted the state Parkinson's service & sought the advice of the only Parkinson's nurse in our state... 

sorry about that was the nurse usefull

Hello iris

           I have suffered with very severe panic attacks for  over 12 years but the cause is PD , it has taken away everything that used to give me self confidence, my job, my driving licence, my mobility and stability and replaced them with a shell of the person I was, but I find the only way to overcome those horrible feelings ,when all you want to do is curl up in a ball is to confront them, after all they are caused by parky so I view them as if I am kicking back at pd , I have a old punch bag in the spare room and I go and knock seven bells out of it until I am exhausted, its very satisfying. I have the sytem Duodopa and it is good, though not a cure but has improved my life a lot, using only a Dopameine Gel which is pumped directly into my small intestine, its a bit of a clumsy thing but I soon got used to it.

                  Kindest Regards   Fed