Eye drop recommendations for dry eyes?

My eyes become dry, especially in the middle of the night. I have been using Optrex drops for the last few weeks, but they don’t seem very effective. Can anyone suggest another brand or type?

My Dr has prescribed me gel eyedrops which so far appear. Quite good.

I got some from the hospital when I had problems with my eyes, can’t remember what they were called but they cost me £14:00 when I went to replace them! But they did work!

Hi Sheila

How are you doing.?

Babs x

Hi there
The eye drops I got are called Clinitas gel? Hope this works for you.

I use hypromelose drops which I get on prescription,they are artificial teardrops which work well for me.They are available at any chemist and are not too expensive.

Hi babswood, I’m doing ok as things go, got a few problems on the horizon, but getting through. The eye drops I got from the hospital were good but blowed if I can’t remember what they were called, a bit expensive when I went to replace them without prescription when (had to discard them after a month) Will try the Clinitas gel or the hypromelose drops. Thanks for your concern, hope you are keeping as well as expected

sheffy xx

Yeah I suffer with dry eyes, just see gp I have same as sheffy

My wife is on Viscotears Liquid Gel as prescribed by her Doctor.


My husband, who has PD, uses Hyabak eye drops, and so do I (for contact lenses). You can buy them over the counter, but we get ours on prescription.

Hi Babs,

Just wondering if the eye drops helped at all,I c u are getting botox today, my eyes are closing a lot of the time.
I go to c the Parkinson nurse tomorrow how bad were you when u first got botox?
Cheers Anne.sorry I think I am wrong in saying you get it today,!!

I have tried Viscotears gel but find liquid Isopto easier to apply, Both have as active ingredient hypromellose. The drops do help a bit . I am going for my Botox soon at twice the initial dose .

Hi there why are you getting a double dose if you don’t mind me asking. X

normal dose was insufficient so they are trying a double dose .

Thanks for that maybe that’s what I need.

Cheers x

Hi Babswood,
Was at PD nurse today and she is referring,me for botox,can I ask you when did you start on it and how often do you need treatment.
She hadn’t had any one for years needing it so take it that it is rather unusual, would you agree.Cheers Anne 29

Hi Anne yes I was told it is quite unusual.

I get around 7 0r 8 injections every 2 to 3 months. Hope this helps you. It is note sore just like a wee nip.

Hope this helps. Babsx

Hi Babs,
Thanks for the reply.Take it you get it in both eyes my right eye is the worst, and it’s also the worst with PD.Pity its only the eyes that get it could do with a facelift now !!
Thanks again babs Anne x

Yes Anne both eyes. My left eye is the worst. I’m always joking to the nurse could she not just let it go a little lower.


Hiya babswood and ANNE29, both of you sound worse than I am, my eyes feel sore and tired a lot of the time then when we are out visiting I could drop off to sleep for seconds at a time, and feel so bad for being ignorant, when friends say you look tired, I don’t want them to think I’m bored with their company! Hope you both get sorted with something that helps. I’ll just stick with the eye drops.
By the way Babs, Ian has shown his face so to speak (lord of the highlands) on the post ’ smiley face and a happy place’ if you fancy a chat with him…take care both - sheffy xx