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My dad is trilling a device by a company called Eye Guide MC who he recently found and has been testing a device for.

They make a device which clips onto the glasses and is said to help with managing some of the symptoms of Parkinsons, obviously we were very sceptical - surely it would be internationally recognised if it really made an impact. So he went for a trial today and has said that it immediately almost completely got rid of his tremor which is great news. But I am still a bit suspicious as it is almost completely unknown.

Does anyone have any experience of them or anyone that makes a similar device? Im not even sure what the device does to be able to tell you about it to be honest. Any info or background would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing this information with the forum. I can’t say I’ve come across this device that you’ve mentioned so I’m afraid I can’t give you any background information. People with Parkinson’s can sometime experience eye problems and we have a lot of information and support on this via our website here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/eye-problems

Also, it may be worth give our helpline a call to enquire about this particular device as they may have some knowledge on this.

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Thanks, he has trialled it for a week and the impact it had on the first day has sadly disappeared which seems strange - so he has decided to pass on the purchase. Would still be interested to hear from anybody else who has used it though.