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My dad is trilling a device by a company called Eye Guide MC who he recently found and has been testing a device for.

They make a device which clips onto the glasses and is said to help with managing some of the symptoms of Parkinsons, obviously we were very sceptical - surely it would be internationally recognised if it really made an impact. So he went for a trial today and has said that it immediately almost completely got rid of his tremor which is great news. But I am still a bit suspicious as it is almost completely unknown.

Does anyone have any experience of them or anyone that makes a similar device? Im not even sure what the device does to be able to tell you about it to be honest. Any info or background would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing this information with the forum. I can’t say I’ve come across this device that you’ve mentioned so I’m afraid I can’t give you any background information. People with Parkinson’s can sometime experience eye problems and we have a lot of information and support on this via our website here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/eye-problems

Also, it may be worth give our helpline a call to enquire about this particular device as they may have some knowledge on this.

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Thanks, he has trialled it for a week and the impact it had on the first day has sadly disappeared which seems strange - so he has decided to pass on the purchase. Would still be interested to hear from anybody else who has used it though.

Was your father asked for any payment at all?

Oddly enough, I was reading a Womans Weekly magazine yesterday and there was an article about this item. It sounded really encouraging so I’m disappointed that the beneficial effects seem to have worn off. I am only recently diagnosed so its early days for me but I’m always interested in treatments/items which can help. Hope your father makes better progress.

That’s the article I read
We have an appointment with the company in 2 weeks time but I am still making enquiries as the cost is £995 and I am not sure 2 weeks would be enough time to find out if this works,
My understanding so far is that we would have to then pay for the device.

Hello Reah,
I would like to tell you and the rest of the PD community who are interested in the Eye Guide MC that I had one fitted on the 11th of April this year and have been very satisfied with the some of the results I have had. My dexterity is much, improved, along with my reflexes (I caught an orange as it toppled from the fruit bowl heading for the floor. much to my wife’s and sister-in-law’s amazement). but the most noticeable difference is that I am not so anxious. or depressed as I used to be. Conversationally I’m so much better, as i had a tendency to burble when speaking. the PD ‘mask’ is also in retreat. These are all improvements that my family and friends have noticed too. The only disappointing thing is, i would have liked to be rid of the pain in my legs, but am completely satisfied with the eye guide MC. There was no pressure what-so-ever to buy this item. The staff there were really caring and approachable, I was given a two week trial to see how I got on with it, before making my decision. It might not work for everyone, but it was certainly worth my wife an myself travelling from Aberdeenshire for a consultation.
I hope that my experience helps others.



How are you progressing with the Eyeguide?
Can you still feel improvements?
My husband had one fitted 2 weeks ago and I have noticed improvements.

Hello any news on this device its a bit costly at £995.00 also is this price being re invested in pd ?

Do you take it off for e.g. showers or bed?

It’s deemed sensible that you remove it for bed and shower/bath. My review of this device was removed I don’t know why🤷‍♂️I have asked, it’s worth every penny!

Thanks for your reply!

I have had mine for a few weeks now.
I think it’s making a big difference. I have far less Dyskenesia! Have been on a few active breaks where I managed longer than normal walks and cycle trips.I have more confidence swimming. It’s still feels weird that a wee bit of plastic makes a difference, but it does!

i go down for my consultation on Monday after two cancellations.

Anyone else had this device fitted and if so how did you get on I would be very interested in it but would like to hear more peoples reviews of it before I would pay almost £1000 for it.

Thanks for your help.

Frank Cox

I too would like to hear some more first-hand experiences from users of the Eye Guide, particularly those of you who struggled to reconcile the cost and the broad range of symptoms we’d be expecting it to tackle. I see from reading in the press online that Parkinson’s UK did originally help with the patenting but fall short of endorsing the product due to “it not being the subject of successful clinical trials”, can the Mods expand? Clearly, I hope that it is everything I want it to be I guess I’m trying to educate myself to make an informed decision.

I have had a Eyeguide mc for 2 months now and can say it’s definitely made a difference. I have the following benefits :-

  1. My ability to speak as improved, seconded by my Neuro consultant, who was dumbfounded by the improvement.
  2. Stiffness down the right hand side as almost gone.
  3. My gate as improved
  4. My dexterity as improved
  5. My Parkinson’s face as almost disappeared.

This as improved my confidence to socialise and although it is a lot of money I would have paid it just to get my speech back the rest is just a bonus.
Who cares if it’s not medically proven it works for me any how. Now the scientists are looking at the device it may lead them to new idea’s

The team at Eyeguide mc don’t pressure sale at all, they are a wonderful bunch.

A happy customer

Thank you Martyn.