Eye Guide MC

I have received literature from the above company it sound very hopeful but has anyone tried this device?

They state it can be fitted and tried for 2 weeks without charge and returned if found not to work
It all sounds too good to be true so any advice would be appreciated

I received a link from a relative and she told me that a friends father has tried it and says that it has really helped his speech, and tremors. He also has an essential tremor which it doesn’t help. It costs £1000 and can be paid up and if it doesn’t work can be returned. From what I’ve read in the link astounding results are being reported by PWP who have been fitted with this devise. I hope this helps

Kind Regards

Just want to add. You don’t pay a penny to have the eyeguide fitted and take it home for a fortnight. You then call, they leave you to call, and tell them whether you feel it has worked for you.only then will they take a payment. There is no hint of a pressure sale.they are lovely people to deal with. Sandra has Parkinson’s. She knows what it’s like

Thank you.
My husband did purchase his in June and I, and several friends saw an immediate improvement.
He smiled more and was more communicative
But he has now gone down a bit
He gets very negative and I think at first he was keyed up by the thought that it was going to be very helpful
But he is still wearing it everyday so I don’t think he would bother if he didn’t feel some benefits

Hi I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to have the eyeguide fitted and will keep you posted

Please let me know how you get on.
Is it a long way to go for you?


How did you get on with the eye guide? Im thinking of trialling this myself:)