Eye guide MC

Hi, Im almost into my fourth week using the Eye guide MC.
On the 8th December I went down to Long Sutton to meet Sandra and Ben at 10am the next day and have the Eye guide MC fitted. and I would like to tell you about it. First of all I would like to stress that this is my opinion and what works for me won’t necessarily work for anyone else.
The night before I was due to meet Sandra and Ben we stayed at a hotel in Kings-Lynn I do not know if it because I was out of my comfort zone or whether it was nerves but I began to feel very panicky and took a panic attack, I also took a very bad case of dystonia and I didn’t sleep all night it really was an awful night. The next morning I got up and was “off” my husband had to help me bathe and dress. We were due to meet Sandra and Ben at 10am. Five minutes before we met I was cooking with gas (“on”)
Ben greeted us at the door and then Sandra introduced herself, we sat down had a cup of tea then they talked me through everything. They are lovely people and very down to earth. They asked me questions, I answered and then I was fitted with the Eye guide MC. I told them that I had come down with the view of “what will be will be” they stressed that it’s not a cure but an aid (like a walking stick is an aid to help you walk better)
Getting the eye guide MC fitted is the best thing I’ve ever done. I had decided that if it helps me with at least one of my (many) ailments because of Parkinson’s then I would be happy…my biggest concern was swallowing my meds as they got stuck in my throat most times and I dreaded taking them also food was a problem as I would cough and splutter a lot while eating, not now since I got the device fitted I haven’t had any issues with chocking and swallowing, I didn’t take dystonia for eight days (usually I would get it most nights) and when it did come back it’s not with the same ferocity, it’s not so painful and doesn’t last as long and it’s not occurring every night. I feel that my “off” periods are less frequent and all in all I feel better within myself. My husband says I’m more talkative and my demeanour has completely changed, in fact other relatives have said that I look different but can’t put their finger on what it is that’s different. All in all I’m absolutely delighted with the Eye guide MC and results. I stress this is not a cure for Parkinson’s and it is still early days but I feel more positive and I can’t wait to get out and about in the new year. I will keep you up to date with any future progress.


Hi Janny

How are you doing with the eye guide 10 days later?

I thinking of trialling it myself in the near future. Does it help with rigidity and slow movement?


Hi azmilo1977
I am into my fourth week wearing the eye guide and I do feel that although it doesn’t stop the rigidity and slow movement i don’t think (in my case) that symptoms are as bad when they do come. The main difference for me is with swallowing it certainly has made a difference there as I was forever choking on my meds, food, fluids etc. It has also helped with my dystonia I have days without getting it (I used to get dystonia up to three times a day) usually at night but have had it at other times of the day however I am still going to see my specialist on Wednesday to get botox injections for my dystonia as the botox definitely helps. I was told by Sandra and Ben (eye med people) that they’ve seen two people with PD and the exact same symptoms but the eye med only worked for one and not the other. Really you would have to trial it for yourself and see how it works for you. Over all I’m glad that I purchased the eye med and fingers crossed that it continues to help me in the future. I hope this is of some help to you. Let me know how you get on if you decide to go for a trial. I hope that you get good results.

Kind Regards

Hi Janny. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: