Eye problems

Only recently been told that i have PD,been told to have a look at this website and forum.

On looking through all posts no one has mentioned eyesight related symptoms,is it just me that my eyes are dry and tied.

i would go & have eye test, pd is linked with eye problems i have pd aswell as clucoma ,also you can get dry & sore eyes as people with pd do not blink as much hope this helps

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Hi Huggy

I to am newly diagnosed n along with other problems in had extreme tiredness n dry sore irritated eyes,

Im now on meds sinemet three times a day n tired less n eyes much better.

Gus defiantly right about n eye test though mine was fine it one less thing to worry about.

hope things go well for you.


       Live well Cc

Hi Huggy......there is a thread about eye problems put on here on the 6th June by Wye and i have also put some info on there about my experience. I have had problems most of my life with my eyes and in the 90s  developed an overactive Thyroid which resulted in Thyroid eye disease. It was extremely painful for 11 weeks as it was misdiagnosed. The pain was caused by  fatty deposits that were pressing on the optic nerve and pushing the eyeball forward, so i ended up with a large looking eye and the other one had lid lag (pretty)!! i have been a regular visitor to the eye hospital since it started in fact i am there tomorrow, as  the eyes get very dry and sore and i now use HYLOTEARS on prescription several times a day. It has become worse since the Parky took over! and it also affects the eye muscles. I have double vision and need surgery on the lid that lags , not for cosmetic reasons but just purely to be able to see better.

My consultant is very good and specialises in TED and i will be guided by him, as he says lifting the lid if only a little can make the eyes more dry and sore and that in turn could affect the sight even more, so lots to consider. Parky can affect the eyes and make them dry and gritty, i have tried many types of drops but your doc can prescribe Hylotears and used regularly can really help enormously.

I wish you well Huggy, please let us know how you get on


Thanks for the quick replies,I am having a MRI scan on the 21st June, this will tell me a lot of answers that i have been putting to my doctor,next week i will be booking an appointment at the opticians after reading the replies on this thread.




arrow  Hello Huggy

              Diagnosed in 99 and its only now five years later, "only joking"  it six,,,,,15 years later I am having eye trouble, they are mostly dry and feel like they are full of sand, my wife says its the meercats down the garden they are always kicking earth and sand about, ?  its accompanied by dry mouth typical of parky.so I will be off to the Optemerist soon .

                                         Parky Protagonist     good luck   Fed

hi fed, you can get eye drops from gps for sore eyes also for dry mouth called bioxtra gel mouthspray & fake tear drops for eyes.

Both my eyes feel dry with mucus,and crusty especially when i awake,the right worse than then left,opposite too my tremor, i haven't mentioned it yet too my doctor, but i'll add it too the list of 101 things ive noticed, that and a dry mouth.


           Thanks for that gus I shall aquire on the morrow, or even todaycool


no probs eye drops artificial not fake

Hi sea angler 

Perhaps a trip to the doctor is in order.

What you describe sounds very like conjunctivitis and is easily treated.

Remember people with Parkinson's get other things as well and it is easy to assume it is all part of the Parky parcel !




Hi Goldengirl

I take your meaning.

i'd never been ill until last year with only 6 days off ill from work in 28 yrs, i've saved it all up i guess lol for my old age.