Eye problems

Has anyone had  any problems with their eyes closing.Some days my left eye constantly closes and people keep saying what have you done to your eye. I spoke with my neurologist who said it is part of parkinsons as my brain is telling my eye to close. He also said that he would only do something (which I dont know what) If. my other eye started closing.

could anyone tell me if they experience this.



Cheers Barbara x

my husband had this problem, usually towards the end of the day or as we were sitting down to eat. it affected both eyes, so he couldn't see anything. it is apparently quite common. two remedies were suggested. one was some special form of clip attached to his glasses - which was ruled out as unsuitable by the eye specialists - or botox.

he has been having three-monthly botox treatments at the hospital eye clinic for the past 18 months - the actual process takes about 10 minutes - and it has almost eliminated the problem. to my mind it is one of the most effective treatments he has had, for anything to do with his parkinson's.

there are downsides, of course. one is dry-eyes, and he has all sorts of drops, sprays and ointments for this. some people apparently do not tolerate the botox as well as he has, and it can affect the way your eyes look, as botox does. also, the effect starts to wear off by the end of 3 months and, at least here, there is only one clinic a month, so if you miss your slot for whatever reason, your eyes start shutting again before the next treatment. but so far, so good. to be recommended.

Hi thanks so much for your reply and very interesting to read.Was your husband referred to the eye hospital.

Hope your husband keeps well.x


Thats both  of my eyes closing. Have phoned parkinsons nurse who said she will email neurologist.

Hopefully get something done soon as very embarrasing,

Has no one else experienced this.?

i have also been waiting months for speach  therapist.!!!

While im complaining i have bee trying to contact my PD  advisor. Keep phoning and leaving messages to no avail. Dont know what to do now!!! So many questions i want to ask!!!

moaning Barbara x

Hi Glasgow Girl,

I have been bothered recently with my right eye closing,I thought it was maybe stress related but now not sure.

I have been diagnosed for 5 years and my right side is my worst side.

Will be interesting to see what your neurologist says,I am due to see mine in September.

Hope you get answers soon Glasgow Girl. 

Cheers Anne 

Hi Anne

i will let you know how i get on.

Nice to hear from you.

Take Care Barbara x

My eyes can't be persuaded to  open for  up to ten minutes when I wake . especially the parkie side.  It  hasn't got worse over the year so that's some comfort.  I am on the books for botox if it got to be more troublesome.
  I   often fall asleep sitting on the side of  the bed waiting for my eyelids to cooperate and last week woke to find myself hurtling towards the floor.    


              Hello  Glasgow Girl

                           I used  to  drive  a truck artic  to  and  fro  Newcastle  to  Glasgow delivering  wll  you name  it  ive  hauled  it  in  and  out  of  Glasgow,  well  I  have  not  carried  a  live  56megaton  nuclear  bomb,  which  I  would  not  be  happy  about,   though  it  was  on  one  of the  trips I  noticed I  could  not  keep  my  left  eye  open,  it   was  one  of  many  goingrongthings,  I was  noticing  my  eye  the  little  finger  on   my left hand   twittered  constantly,  ( I   have  a  262IQ  Little  finga)  its  still  twitters  ,  I could  not clean  my  teeth  fasten  buttons  tie  shoelaces  etc  etc etc etc   etc  etc  oh  flip  ANYWAY    I was  dxd  with  PD    THAT  WAS  in   1998/9,

                                The very  kindest   regards  Scottish  Lassie FED4

                                       OH  I DID EDINBURGH  ALSO

he was referred by his neurologist to the eye clinic at the same hospital. there was a wait, but not too bad.

Hi all of you who repled to my post post.

A big thank you.

I have been to my appointment to see my parkinsons nurse.

She phoned round to see if my neurologist was available.

He came to see me and  spoke with me about my eyes.He gave me three botox injections  around my eyes.

I have got up this morning and I am not constantly closing my eyes. Brilliant cant believe Its all fixed.

Go back in four months for more injections.



                                        WORRIED  (ABIT)   FED4

have eye problem double vision sometimes even treble ! great when counting pension .had parkinsons 12 yrs + .anyone else same symptom?

What a relief for you Glasgow Girl.  They really ought  to  have some sort of emergency system for anything as alarming as you have  had.. even though  most PD symptoms creep up.   I get day long bouts of dyskinesia - not particularly  dose related which leave me very distressed and often with muscle strain in my ribs.  When  it is  that happening  I  want help now not five days'  time.   I don't think the PD nurse got  it bu ta call to the secretary of my neuro gfot me an  appointment and after a year or more, something else is  being tried whereas before I felt left high and   dry.


Mysteriously my problem with opening eyes first   thing  has gone as suddenly as it came with no chjange of meds.  I was on the verge of botox  butt had  put it off.as the specialist seemed to have developed cold feet about the whole thing. 


I haven't been on here for some time.   I don't k know how long the new style website has been on the  go   but I must say it is a vast improvement on the previous  one/


Hi thanks for your reply and hope everything has been sorted out for you.

Surprisingly the fast shut eye as per previous post has got better as mysteriously and suddenly as it arrived.