Eye trouble

I have a problem where sometimes I literally cannot open either one or both of my eyes.
Mostly this is inconvenient.
Occasionally dangerous.
Has this happened to anyone else?


Hi hubby. Yes this happens to me ,I get botox injections every 3 months (it will be much longer this time due to coronavirus)they dont last as long as 3months but they have helped me. I often find both eyes are closing which can be dangerous,its a condition called blepharospasm hope t his helps.
All the best Anned

I have had blepharospasm since 2002 . It started a few months after I took Domperidone for a migraine. Tried Botox once - no help at all. Horrible experience. Would be a nightmare now to try injections near my eyes with all my head shaking and jerking.

Blepharospasm can indeed be very dangerous. I love to go out on my trike on a sunny day but bright sunshine makes my eyes close more.

Earlier this year on a nice big downhill I nearly garrotted myself. I saw there were roadworks up ahead so I slowed down but I thought there was space for me to get past. Totally failed to see a rope stretched between two orange plastic bollards.

Mortifying. A group of schoolchildren watched the whole thing…I suggested to the workmen they put another plastic bollard instead of the rope…

In the kitchen I am always closing cupboard doors people leave open in case I bash my head when my eyes are closed…

If my eyes are too tight to read at the computer confortably I play something mindless like Tetris - think all the finger movements help. Years ago I taught myself how to do fairisle knitting as you have to both concentrate & your fingers are busy. Having another go at it recently but made the mistake of using black - bit hard to see what you are doing.

I usually wear sunglasses outdoors. Really looking forward to going out on my trike tomorrow. It will be two weeks since one of the children got back from travelling. Happily we are all still here.

Madopar This information is intended for use by health professionals

4.8 Undesirable effects: Nervous System Disorders
At later stages of the treatment, dyskinesia (e.g. choreiform or athetotic) may occur. These can usually be eliminated or be made tolerable by a reduction of dosage.

Madopar side effects: Patient Information leaflet May 2019

Unusual movements of different parts of your body which you cannot control. This may affect your hands, feet, face or tongue. Your doctor may change your dose of Madopar to help with these effects.
An irresistible urge to move the legs and sometimes the arms.

Blepharospasm as a Manifestation of Peak of Dose Dyskinesia in Parkinson Disease. Ramírez-Gómez CC, Zúñiga-Ramírez C, Contartese ML, Montilla V, Gramajo J, Micheli F, Clin Neuropharmacol. 2019 Jan/Feb;42(1):14-16.

We report 4 patients with PD who developed BS while on the ON periods. In the second case, BS was the only manifestation of dyskinesia, whereas the other 3 had associated choreic dyskinesias.
The possible occurrence of BS is mentioned in the US Product Information for Sinemet in the United States since 1970s after its Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States.
The product information document in the adverse event reads as follows: BS (which may be taken as an early sign of excess dosage; consideration of dosage reduction may be made at this time).

Thank you Anned.
Yes this corona virus seems to have taken all the attention
When I can see my gp I’ll put it to her

Excellent post Appletree
Thanks so much for your time

@Hubby yes I do have problems, usually first thing or late at night. I saw GP and was prescribed Hypromellose, it helps as I suffer with dry eyes and use it several times a day. :sunglasses: