Eyeglasses slipping off and also getting dirty due to parkinson's “grease”

some (most? all?) victims of parkinson’s will have the problem that parkinson’s changes the sebum (“grease”) produced by their skin. for me, this results in my eyeglasses frequently slipping off and also getting dirty faster. (it also is a bit painful and makes me cry if it gets into my eyes, but this message is mainly about the problems with using eyeglasses.)

i’m wondering how many others find this a big problem and also what methods of cleaning parkinson’s grease off eyeglasses are most efficient. by efficient i mean spending less total time each day fumbling with the eyeglasses to clean them.

i am currently just wiping my eyeglasses with tissues from a tissue box. kleenex brand currently.

your thoughts?

Hi parkiejoe, i to had problems with eye glasses falling off and always dirty, the falling off part i thought was mostly due to my posture but hearing what you have said im of the opinion you have, when i walked or sat to try and watch TV i was constantly having to push them back up my nose. I bought a somthing, which at present don’t know what its called, that sports players use to hold their glasses in place.
I am also constantly have to clean the lenses and like you mostly with tissue, yes keenex work best, i also use window and mirror cleaning spray now and then take off the greasyness.

I have this problem too; I just thought it was due to bad fit of my new specs and I took them back several times to be adjusted - not with much success. I just push them up frequently, but wash my face frequently too. I also wash my glasses (lenses & nose-pieces) with warm water and washing up liquid, and dry them gently with a soft tissue. I also occasionally use the silk(?) cleaning cloths and the special fluid you can get at any chemist or opticians - maybe free if you ask nicely. I would never wipe the lenses dry - they are easily scratched especially if they are coated and tiny invisible scratches really screw up vision.

If using tissues.to clean/dry spec lenses, make sure they don’t have’balm’ or similar on them. Clean wet is less likely to scratch. Wash is best.
I’ve found Soution 30 the best lens cleaning spray.
If you have metal frames, and the adjustments have helped, the pads can be changed for another material. I’ve had to swop silicone pads because there was no movement
Keeping the lenses clean will make you see better and help with glare. If you have an anti reflection coatin-ultra clear- , this will show the smudges more.

Perhaps this explains why Dad’s glasses always slipped down his nose which meant they didn’t work effectively. Thanks for bringing this up. For him Opticlear lens wipes work well - they are a little moist and won’t scratch the lenses - and I put it on his carer’s morning routine to start the day with clean glasses.