Eyes can? Datscan?

Looking on front page I sw tha there is excitement over whether an eye scan candetect parkinons. the article menioned how brain scan cant. and yet we arediagnosed on what shows in datscan, so is it relible or not. my consultant was surprised my scanwas negative because sympons so obvious and is now wating to do investigations of parkinsonians. a lot of faith is pu on thi particular brain scan so it isconfusng when it is mentioned in articles brain scans don't diagnose parkinsons. 

What do other people think. Have I just confused myself?


A  few months ago it was someone could smell people with parkinsons, and then it was they could tell by some gland under the tongue, in a few months it'll be by your big toe, try not too be confused, just live by what your body is telling you and a few words you are given as an explanation. enjoy life.

Hello All,

I had a Dat scan in Newcastle May of 2006, the results indicated that Parkinson's was present.

In 2014 I consulted a Neurologist in Singapore he asked many questions regarding my condition, I told him that my diagnosis had been confirmed with the help of the Dat scan. He told me that the Dat scan was unreliable and dismissed that information.

My scan was 10 years ago, maybe the procedure has improved.

Thank you

Dear Sea Angler,

Good comments.

I had a DAT scan in 2011 which confirmed my diagnosis as far as I was concerned.  I seen the images that were produced from my scan and the depletion in cells was completely evident and left no doubt in my mind, nor that of my neurologist.

Cooks61, it's interesting that your neurologist in Singapore totally dismissed your scan findings.  Did you have copies of the images produced?  Did he agree with your original diagnosis, or think you had been misdiagnosed?

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Thanks everyone.

Your very right Sea Angler, it's become a motto of mine to make hay while the sun shines and look for the little things that pick you up on a bad day. I just need to be reminded of that occasionally. The day I read that article had been a bad day, but I had gone to town not feeling up to it, was freezing, got lost, confused, asked to move by shop assistant when I found I couldn't work out where I was and lost my shopping list.  I had to give up and persuade my son to go out for me later. 

It will be good to get a dx, people look at you strange when you tell them the dr thinks it a parkinsonians but hasn't decided which one yet. O.h. on hols from work next week, looking forward to some nice days.






People had been looking at me strange for the last few months I couldnt work out why that was until one day someone looked at me strange and asked me if i was who i am and then i realised i wasn't recognising people who know me it was at that moment worrying and funny

Dear ali,

I returned to England at the end of 2014 to see a NHS Neurologist, he was unable to find the DAT scan. I also consulted a German Neurologist in 2010 who 'questioned' the scan results. I the past 2 years I have been examined by 4 Neurologists and had 3 different opinions regarding my condition.

To answer your question; the Neurologist in Singapore said that I did not have Parkinson's however, he did not offer an a solution to my condition. 

My DAT scan was performed at The RVI in Newcastle, my results were interpreted by Professor David Bates (retired) who said "machines make mistakes too".

Thanks for your response,

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well i dont no what to say are you having another dat scan,or consultation 

Dear cooks61

Yep, its thatconstant changing of opinionthat really gets to you. And the thought that they can never be really sure till your dead. I would  like to know before then! 

It's the same story with other neurological issues. I have a friend who went for a few years having tests, being referred to London neurological hospital, was dx with ms. After several years she has moved backed to her home town. The first time she saw her new gp she was told that the gp disagree with the diagnosis and thinks she has anxiety disorder. 

What can you do?

Thanks gus,

The NHS have said that they will not perform a second scan. As for further consultation, yes I have to find another Neurologist sooner rather than later.

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Dear porthos,

The Professor of Neurology that I met in Singapore seemed to think that my condition was some form of stress related issue but, he did not give me a treatment plan he just said goodbye.

Its tough at times to deal with this crap. 

Thank you, take care.


My experience with scans.I was dx without a scan 5 years ago,responded favorably with c/l.Later I started having jerky movements and doctor wanted a dat scan for help with the movements.The scan said i had MILD PD.Well my PD has progessed some,IM when still or after activity especially fine motor movements.I think the scans do little i DX PD and are invasive with radioactive iodine .

If C/L works why go further?


Yes, it is confusing. It would be interesting to know if any of our NHS friends have an opinion.

Take care,