Does anybody suffer with eye problems it’s like having eye full of sand

I suffer with dry eyes so use Optrex eye drops daily. Not sure if it is linked with PD or not but I do know that my reading sight has deteriorated considerably from around 6 months prior to diagnosis.

Hi 1615 - I have very much the same problem and not sure if it does have anything to do with parkinsons, I was told I have dry eye syndrome, was told to use drops every day and given Optive plus, (not on prescription) went to get some more, bit costly to say the least £14 : 00, as you can guess I don’t use it as much as I’m supposed to…:persevere:

Hi i have problems with my eyes in that they keep closing…I was told this is aĺl part of parkinsons and now get botox injections.

Cheers how’s injection going