Eyesight issues

I’m sure this topic has been addressed several times already, but I would appreciate any input or links to said topic. Increasingly I find my eyesight clarity decreases over the course of a day. There is no blurring /obstruction of vision or anything of that nature but I find it increasingly difficult to focus on fine detail as a day progresses despite using glasses. I have put this down to an inability to focus due to fatigue in the eye lens muscles. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon. Could it be drug related Sinemet 12.5/50mg x6 per day or a symptom of Parkinson’s. The reason I ask is because I am due my annual eyesight check at my opticians and am concerned about the timing of the test/s such that they are truly indicative of the state of my eyesight now.

Hi Grober interesting and I’ve actually booked an eye test next Tuesday as similar moments to those you describe above. I’m actually booking a 90 minute appointment with the full hospital grade OCT and retinal photography so will come back to you with any insight they may share with portential side effects of meds, take care

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Be interested to hear how you get on.

I think this maybe a question for your Neuro team/nurse.
My husband with Parkinson’s experiences much the same as you describe. He has recently undergone a comprehensive sight check finding not a lot has changed. The optician thought he should discuss at his next Parkinson’s appointment which he plans to.

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