Face masks- any tips, do's or dont's?

It looks as though wearing face masks, as a defence against Corona Virus, could become the norm for some activities such as public transport travel and negotiating crowded areas. The government and “expert” advice about masks and their usage seem to be “shifting sands”. Are you the proud owner of a mask? If so, do you have any experience to share about how you manage to use it with Parkinson’s symptoms such as tremor, voice weakness etc?

Hi Aviator. I have been wondering the same thing. My Husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Dementia last year, he has had Parkinson’s for 10 years.
We do not have a car and when I can get a slot we have our shopping delivered. However, it benefitted him, and me, to go to our local Co op, a short walk away. So many people wearing masks and many not doing so.
I don’t know what to advise him to do, he has speech problems and occasionally drools, so you can see the problem with keeping the mask clean. Eventually, we will want to go on a bus or taxi, so if anyone has experience of wearing the masks I would be grateful to hear from them.