Facial masking

Do all sufferers experience facial masking and if so what can be done to forstall it ocurring
I too would be very interested to learn of any prevention/exercise etc. When I last visited my PDN she told me she could see early signs of masking which upset me prob more than the initial diagnosis 1 year ago. I would rather not have been told although its prob jus vanity!
It was one of the first things that I noticed , my husband would look blank and not always answer me . I use to ask him if the question I had asked was too difficult . (Sarcastically ) Something I was upset about once I I knew and realised why . Even a few years previously a long time friend asked me if he was alright because he never looked happy . I hadn't noticed .. and was quite put out .. Then jis mouth would suddenly drop oen I thought it was because he couldn't hear ...

Once diagnosed and put onto Sinemet most of that improved .

But Everycase is different no two people the same ..
Thanks both. Masking is one of the things we fear though at present no signs thankfully
Hi Davech, my h was told by both the gp and the neuro he had signs of facial masking, I have to say I hadnt noticed it I just thought I live with a quite serious person with a dry sense of humour. H was a bit offended and then once the meds started the docs think his face ok and I think I have never seen him laugh so much in 40 yrs of marriage! sunray
Thanks all for your responses especially sunray