Facial muscles

Hello Well it seems half my face decided to go on strike Saturday night ! I had half a smile and sounded like I was drunk. I hadn't touched a drop! Started with a tingling in my shoulder and spread up my face. . didnt like it too much! Luckily seeing my neuro next week . . . Will have to pound it out at the gym and see what happens as although my feeling has come back along with my speech my smile hasn't fully recovered .. . Any thoughts or suggestions????!!!!! Thanks Godrevy xx

it might not be due to PD , it could be bells palsy which is virus infection affecting facial nerve .would go to GP and get yourself checked out rather than wait. always better to be safe ...


Thanks kittens3 it's definitely not that too much of my face was back up and running too quickly. My cousin suffers from it so I know quite a bit about that but thanku I appreciate the concern and suggestion :)
Sorry I accidentally replied in the wrong place! Take a look at my post for my reply but basically thanku :)