Facial numbness

Hi everyone

Just writing to let everyone know what I've experienced today and if anyone can shed light on the subject.ive got a swollen right hand salava gland which feels numb like you've just come from the dentist.only this numbness all of a sudden. Moved. Up the r/h side of my face to the top of my head and face feeling tight and like someones hand was on my head. Then I got chest pain and tightness in the centre of my chest.everything has calmed down again.this all happened in 2 minutes and lasted 1 hour.
Can anyone help.thanks. Twins 99
Do you have a stiff sore neck , and sometimes feely giddy . It might be from that . Can affect chest and back muscles shoulder blade are , and cause a numb feeling down your arm/arms , fingers . If it happens again, try moving you neck gently dropping your head onto your chest , turning head from side to side , dropping head touching your shoulder with your ear each side .. the more often you do it will get easier .
Hi johnnies sorry for the late reply .this tightness on the head is getting me right down at the moment.it feels like ive had a strokeddtried your method but no good.the pressure does move about and I've had two mornings when I've been ok.im wondering wether it's pd or meds.thanks for reply.tins99