Facilities.... is there any?

Hi, I am a carer for my nan who has had parkinsons for 5+ years, I recently managed to get her out of the house after 2 years of not leaving (unless for appointments when possible) she needs hoisting to transfer. She doesn't currently have a wet room or bath as she is downstairs living and says she's happy with a bed bath from the carers but she talks about how much she would love a shower or a bath. Is there any facilities in liverpool where she can go to get a bath or a shower with hoists etc? Thanks for any replies in advance :-)

I wonder if you have a Parkinson's nurse who can advise you?

Or you could ring the helpline who could put you in touch with a Parkinson's welfare officer.

You need an assessment and info on social services help available...there may be a grant to put a wet room in the downstairs area...with a shower stool it is very convenient.

Some care homes offer facilities for bathing people who still live at home.

I don't enough about the help available but lots of people do!

Good luck!