Faecal transplant

I have been trying DIY faecal transplants as a result of being a fairly convinced of the link between poor gut bacteria and Parkinson’s. I have my husband as donor. It cost about £35 for the kit originally, and maybe about £1.50 each time and takes about an hour and a half. I have done it three times now at approximately three week intervals. The results have been excellent, for a couple of weeks after I do it my energy level is as if I do not have Parkinson’s and my symptoms all improve. I am hoping that as more and more of the gut bacteria get established in my gut I will need to do it less often. There are lots of demonstrations on YouTube.

Fantastic could you send me details of where u purchase it am considering trying also pm me if want x

What a brave and adventurous person you are! I’m going to look into it for myself and wonder how it has worked out for you over the last year and anything you feel you have learnt?.
I have identified a distinct link between my symptoms and my gut and bowel functioning and also eating yoghurt or probiotics (now realise I should avoid) … so this is a very interesting topic - despite being something we recoil from.

I am also interested. I believe a great deal of illness stems from problems in the gut.
LizE recommends YouTube for information. Well worth investigating.

I am reading ‘Fiber Fueled’ by gastoenterologist Dr Will Bulsiewicz. Highly recommended. The connection between the health of the gut and being disease free is indisputable and has huge implications for Parkinson’s and other autoimmune conditions. Check him out on YouTube too.

@Tilly2 I know your post was a few month’s ago, but I’m interested in why you say ‘now realize I should avoid’ when referring to yoghurt or probiotics. Is this because of the way they affect you personally or because of some general knowledge you gained?

I ask because both myself and my WWP have started having one probiotic per day after we read they were a good thing to have.