Fainting fits / blackouts?

Hi there fellow Parkinsonians, just wondering if anyone else has similar Fainting Fits / Blackouts ?? ........i have these maybe 3 times a year, and have a few maybe 3 or 4 in a week lasting just a couple of seconds before i come back around. ive had tests but nothing was found so the doctors seem to think its a side effect down to my medication of which is Stalevo & Sinemet, lowering my blood presssure. i take a couple of glasses of fresh orange juice a day which then seems to cure the problem. So i was wondering if anyone else has this with any of their medication ?? is it a common occurence with you ?? or am i a lonely soul with this addition to my PD Nightmare
Be Safe Everyone
Hugh aka welshbear
is it when you stand up quickly? that seems to be quite common. having high blood pressure, low bp is not a problem for me.3 or 4 times a week seems quite a lot. and quite dangerous if you fall.
No not when i stand up quickly, i feel it coming on, feel a lil strange then poof out like a light for a few seconds
My husband suffered fainting spells like these and his blood pressure dropped to 70/40.
He was put on Fludrocortisone to keep his blood pressure up and he was fine again.
Recently he stopped taking it and the fainting returned so he is back on it.
Do you know anyone with a blood pressure monitor so you can check if it is the low blood pressure problem?
Do tell your doctor about it and get advice or you could break something!
Good luck!
Hi Welshbearuk again,

I wonder how long you have had PD also when you have these fainting spells can you hear if someone talks to you but you can't reply, then when you come out of it you can tell them what they have said. I ask this as when my husband had them they called them greyouts and it is caused by the low blood pressure as has been said. My husbands was 70-40 quite often and he was often complaining he was cold when we had the heating really high the rest of us were melting. It is very common for people with PD to have low blood pressure as you probably know I hope something can be sorted out for you soon.
best wishes
My husband has also got Atrial fibrillation and the doctor is trying to work out the best plann of treatment without lowering his BP toooo much , Told me low BP goes hand in had with Parkinsons .. Vivial it must be greyouts t athat my husband gets .. His step brother also has Parkinsons but he is also having treatment for small Seizures ?? .
I have totally normal blood pressure but falling and often fainting were, for me, the first sign that something was seriously wrong with me and prompted me to to the Doctor as I had a wealth of other weird symptoms emerging at the same point and I had experienced Parkinson's second hand as my father, uncle and grandfather all had Parkinson's - but in a much less pronounced state than I. For me, this is one of the more frightening symptoms and my doctors have not found any way to relieve it. So I spend a lot of my time sitting or lying down because it can't happen to me there. It is definitely a lot worse when I have slept poorly and at times when my motor skills aware at a particular low.

Hi all, I have been medicated for high blood pressure for many years. PD has caused my BP to fluctuate wildly. I feel light headed, nauseous and faint. I decided to use my own BP monitor to document the ups and downs. This was great evidence to present to my doctor. My BP medication has been reduced, BP readings have stabilised and I feel much better. Take your BP if you can when the symptoms strike - it may be that you are like me!

Hello everyone, Ive just by chance happened on this topic, I was diagnosed with PD last year at 48yrs, my blood pressure has when it has been checked been fine. Just recently last month or so if I get up out of the chair quickly I feel very light headed as if Im about to faint. It passes very quickly but I am now concerned enough to tell my GP as a result of reading your stories. I was not aware that PD had such side effects in fairness Ive been turning a blind eye to most of the PD stuff, I feel a little afraid to bring up new symptoms as i allways feel like Im making it all about me, and family and others dont really want to hear that all of the time, but cheers yall ill definitley mention the dizziness to my GP.

In the early years after diagnosis, at age 46, my OH had these spells frequently and was prescribed Domperidone, an anti nausea medication predominantly, I think, but it also helped. It was put down to low blood pressure due to the medication that he was on. Maybe, when your body has become more accustomed to your medication , hopefully these episode will lessen and eventually pass.

Unfortunately everything has suddenly got a lot worse


My blood pressure has always been low , but is worse since PD. Mornings are bad and until the meds kick in I just sit quietly with tea and biscuits. A glass of orange juice and toast or porridge is all I can tolerate,because protein affects the meds. I find cabohydrates and light meals little and often works best for me. Also if I start to feel light headed a large glass of orange juice and lemonade helps.My nurse suggested extra salt in my diet helps and also lots of water during the day. I am due for a check up next week.


What medication are you all on if you don't mind me asking, you all seem not to be coping with them, there must be other meds you can all try to ease some of the problems. I am on Ropinirole slow release and I am coping quite well on it, but we are not all the same in that what suits one doesn't suit another.