Fall sensors - any recommendations

my husband falls randomly, sometimes on following days then maybe a gap.I would like to be able to go out still without worrying that he has fallen . several of the ones needed the perons who has fallen to press a button to get help. I am not convinced he would always be able to remember to do this. Has anyone found anything usesful.Know it sounds selfish but I would like to be able to go out for a bit longer before i feel i can only do it if I have someone to come in and sit with him . caspar10

There are sensors that will alert automatically though they are not cheap. https://www.techsilver.co.uk/product/fall-alarm-elderly/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu7fOueXI3wIVBc53Ch1bBA0kEAAYAiAAEgLv7_D_BwE

I understand how you feel and also worry about my husband falling when I am not there as he has already had a hip fracture. So far we rely on mobile phones & text each other frequently to check all is ok.

Thanks for that, my husband broke his thigh about 5 years ago, unfortunately he isnt into mobile phones. That s why I m looking into alternatives. At the moment he s just getting over a hospital visit for retention and urine infection, however out of this came a hosital comment the ‘the gentleman’ has a very large drop in systolic blood pressure on standing, orthostatic hypotension, we had never heard of this before and apparrently it can be a side effect of the meds. When my husband broke his thigh the pd consultant asked if he fell backwards or forwards, our comment was he falls both ways. We were then told one direction was blood pressure and the other parkinsons. Dont knoww if that might be helpful in the future.

We’ve been there too unfortunately - retention of urine & orthstatic hypotension. I’m not convinced that the direction of fall is diagnostic, aside from people with PSP having a tendency to fall backwards. No pattern to my husband’s except he went backwards & sideways to fracture his hip. Here’s hoping we all have a better 2019! :blush: