i went crashing down yesterday.....smashed my face as didnt put hands out to save myself .i assume i tripped but happened so fast dont really know .very frightening how quickly it happened . ironically had just come out of meeting about my sick record so now off sick again! have broken  nose and 2 beautiful black eyes.internal tremor woke me this morning ....first time for ages so obviousy shaken up by this. 

is it the parkinsons that stopped me putting arms up to save myself ? slow reactions?



Hi Kittens3,

I'm not surprised you are shaken up - I hope you are feeling better soon and make a very speedy recovery!

Let us know how you're getting on. It might also help to speak to your GP, specialist or Parkinson's nurse about this too.

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team. 

Get well soon kitten

Thanks gus

i look like a panda ! Still v shaky and stiff . Taking it easy

Hello Kittens

I hope you're feeling better now

I suppose that Falls are by their very nature unexpected, otherwise we would be able to stop them happening. In hindsight I usually feel that one of my feet has not moved quickly enough (or at all) to prevent me toppling over. Sometimes this happens when I'm turning or unbalanced by something like carrying a bag, however light, although I am very careful,

Cuts and bruises heal quickly, but having a fall takes one's confidence away completely and that can take a while to restore.

My best wishes to you.


Hi Kittens...I know what you mean...before you know it you are on the floor. I have accupuncture for the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder, and walking home after a treatment I found myself on the pavement!!!!! I am sure I didnt trip, but both knees caught the brunt of it. I was more cheesed off as i had taken the knee out of my new trousers! Mind you I wasnt a Brownie for nothing and soon turned them into shorts for the garden. It does shake you up though...I hope you are feeling much better now ....take care

luv Dolly


hi im on the mend although my face is still multi coloured! i have pulled muscles around my ribs which are painful but the shakes have stopped .off to GP tomorrow to get another week off work ....hoping fully recovered after another week .

i agree Supa in hindsight i think i probable either dragged my foot or didnt lift it up which made me go over . need to concentrate when out walking !  Ithink its the sudden realisation how vunerable i am and perhaps not doing as fantastically well as i thought that has affected me the most.


Hi my hubby had to attend a meeting recently about his attendance record and he was really upset and his Parkinsons symptoms were really bad, shaking, sleeplessness, dystonia etc. Maybe your balance is affected by the stress of attending these dreadful employment meetings. My OH has a very physical job and he has been off ill for a few weeks due to increased symptoms and a change to medication,  his employer has said they won't sack him on attendance but they may dismiss him on capability if he isn't fit to do his job, I have to ask what the difference is, just the different terminology, does this just mean that they are complying with the DDA act ?


Hi klou

my meeting  about sickness record went v well , said as protected illness work had to abide with all the things I wanted to make my job easier . Has your OH asked for reasonable adjustments ? And got Union involved?

i have said I'll reduce my hours to 23 a week as I can pick up the other hours working for an agency  where it's much easier workload. 

Mind you haven't spoken to my manager yet about being off at moment but I assume as she saw my injuries nothing will be said


My hubby is a contracted driver so they can't make adjustments to his role and understandably they aren't keen to have him driving during changes to his drug regime, his licence is up for renewal and they have said if it is revoked he can apply for other jobs within the company but there is a time limit and if he is unsuccessful he may be dismissed on capability/ ill health, this really upsets him and of course then the symptoms become incredibly worse, it's a no win situation, we are just worried that he will leave with nothing and as he is only in his mid forties we still have all the usual bills to pay. They have said that they won't sack him but I can't really see much difference between being sacked or finished on capability? We just hope he keeps his licence but I am sure everyone on the forum has their experience of the DVLA.


      i suggest you speak to a parkinsons support worker about the benefits  you can claim i was 42 yrs wheni had to finish work , you cab go for pip this is a non related work benefit ,then when the time comes he can claim esa then support group,pdsw will help you fill paperwork in its not all bad you might have to tighten your belt a bit but your both survive.

Thanks for this Gus, I think it is the unknown that gives cause for concern, when you have always worked and not claimed benefits it can be quite frightening

oh yeh

they dont give them easy to people who are genuinely ill either but your be ok as long as you got each other, & dont be freighten to reach out to people either.all the best gus

Low blood pressure could be the reason for your fall.

Funnily that's what my parkinsons nurse said ...she thought it sounded more like a faint than a trip. Phoned because I am feeling so unwell in mornings again but as soon as take 12md sinemet feel fine .she said parkinsons been upset due to injuries just rest give it more time .gp sent me for heart trace which was ok . She said if do it again they'll investigate further but as only once it prob due to tiredness or dehydration or both 

Hi kittens


I fell over once in the street, months ago now and it hasn't happened again. I blamed the state of the pavement. Like you, I went down onto my face, not using my arms. I think that is very parkinsons.

Hi all

I've now been having bad falls for a few months.

First one as at the day centre I go to.  My legs just froze and I went flat on my face, breaking my nose and having an ambulance sent for me.   I was black and blue, yellow and green.

i then fell in my garden, scraping my back badly.

Next, I fell in my bedroom and crashed into some boxes I had n there.  

Lastly I fell on holiday a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't know how much I po had hurt myself until the bruising came out but it looked like I had a tattoo that went wrong.  Still there on my arm but it's gone from looking like a star to looking like a bunch of flowers.

I do hope that will be the end of these falls but I'll try to be careful.

best wishes.

Casie x

GP thought I'd broken a rib as well as my nose .....am feeling lots better . It's v frightening how quickly you go down . Hope you settle down case and don't fall again