Fallen Trousers

Back in 2013 there was a topic regarding this problem, i.e. now how can I put this delicately, one sits on the toilet and  either immediately or later as one tries to stand up, one ends up with ones trousers round ones ankles.

problem 1. This is a trip hazard.

problem 2. If you are tall with a tendency towards very low blood pressure leaning forward and down to pick them up is a balance/ trip hazard.

solutions suggested at the time included braces, mechanical grabbers and other fancy ideas.

if you include the putting the trousers on in the morning before the meds have kicked in problem, if one sits and leans forward, dizziness ensues as does the seemingly inevitable foot going down the wrong leg scenario. Balancing on one leg, even by bracing that leg against the bed is a bit dangerous.

A friend suggested an simple solution, one that was best suited for use at home although it is 2017, we live in enlightened times. My friend said "Wear a skirt."

a simple wraparound skirt, fastening on either side.

advantage 1: easy to put on, no need to worry which leg ones foot has gone down, just wrap it round, fasten it each side. No perilous balancing..

advantage 2. When one uses the loo in a seated position simply 'hoick' the bottom of the skirt up, tuck it in the waist band and proceed. 

At no point is the skirt a trip hazard, nor fumblinly and lengthly to achieve.. surely in these gender spectrum awareness days wearing a skirt  to assist our condition is acceptable. It's not like my friend is suggesting wearing stockings or high heels with it.

the Samoan rugby squad look very manly in theirs national costume - google Samoan Rugby Squad.

so the question is my friend's idea; genius or foolish?

Just pretend to be a Scotsman but mind where you put your Dirk! 

Aach tha noo!!eek

Why are you tucking your skirt into your waistband ?  you will  crease the material, wrap around skirts not floaty enough. Buy an elasticated skirt, just flip up the back of the skirt and chocs away.

Wear a pair of dm's to create a gender fusion outfit.  I know you are staying at home but do not dismiss accessories, I find gold bangles look good and people know where you are. 


Does no one wear underpants anymore, these end up round your ankles and need pulling up, so blokes might as well pull your trousers up at the same time?

Or are you commando's

Thanks for answering.

pokermid - my friend does have some Scottish ancestry and he was trying to find the right tartan

TeeHee - he likes the DMs idea so long as slip on boots are ok.As for underpants, he has never experienced them falling to the floor. For myself I can agree. The elastic waistband holds my pine at mid thigh trousers may start off that high, but very frequently slip down as I try to stand and my friend concurs 


Have you thought about a tunic top, or dress kinda Alexander the Great style with gladiator style shoes.  I think its a bit more alpha male and you don't have to look for a matching top.  Its a win , win situation.

Surprised this thread so quiet, no budding Gok Wan's out there ?

Sorry but what's your 'pine' ,  

Tee Hee

What an embarrassing typo 'my pine' was meant to say mine!

not sure my friend could pull off the gladiator look!

another advantage to the kilt is the sporran  - I bet my meds would fit in with plenty of room

who needs Gok when we have gotTee?

Mathsman, have you received your call up papers ? battlebriefing

Confused now!

call up papers? Battle briefing?

Its just a thread called battle briefing, with banter, fall outs advice etc but in a pd army ok so if you have flat feet , burst ear drum, ok off the hook., 

TeeHee, you must not scare off new recruits with your fashion ideas! Mathsman needs to become accustomed to our 'ways', before enlisting. I met a mathsman and his lovely wife recently, at a Parkinson's Group meeting in South Yorkshire. It might be interesting to know how many teachers have PD? Has anyone ever done a survey on different professions throughout the country/world, affected by our condition? 


I dont think an army needs a soldier whose scared of fashion advice? who knows what will happen when he sees the enemy..?

He may run asmock!!!!!  Hahaha

Good one !! x

I’m a teacher in Spain :es:

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