Falling asleep while watching tv

hi was wondering if this happens to anyone else? everytime i watch tv it makes sleepy and i dose off to sleep even going to cinemas. this is very annoying. please can any one help with advice? please . i would love to watch tv once with my kids with out falling asleep.
I wouldn't say I doze off as such.... with me it's like someone just flicks a switch and turns me off.

The minute I stop and watch TV, I can feel the process kicking off - force eyelids shut and gone
delight....hello, I can drop off to sleep in mid conversation with someone, not all the time but a lot of the time, also when watching TV I don't believe I have seen the end of any of the films I have watched. I don't have PD but have an auto immune disease of which fatigue is a side effect. I just seem to 'hit the wall' and bang I'm asleep.

So you are not on your own.

All the best
Radz xx
Similar...i record a programme even if i am watching it to fill in the missed bits.....
That's a good idea SF recording the programme . My husband often switches off , then his body involuntary jerks him awake and he looks around..

Does anyone find that they suddenly change the sublect duting a conversation , I have put it down to the fact that he finds it difficult to keep up with the thread of a conversatin and that it has been his way of coping with it

There was a time before he was ever diagnosed that I say he was rude and ask him if he found my conversation boring lol ..
I find it difficult to stay awake while watching t v. Its easier to use Iplayer bbc or 4od and stop/start when it suits me.
Johnnie when Im with a group of people, I carnt always keep up with conversation so I go of at a tangent and change the
Try mastering the technique of drinking glass of red wine while viewing.Unfortunately I have as yet been able to do this but the local upholstery cleaner's business is thriving!
Sorry ,should have read "not been able to do this"---tonight the wine is winning!
i hate it as it embarresing. sory about spelling. anything that can been done? lov to be able to see tv with family
Some of the stuff that's on these days is enough to send anybody to sleep!
I tend to fall asleep watching the tv with the wife.
But when she goes to bed at 10 I wake up and don't go to bed till one in the morning.
Even then I'm not tired but I know I need sleep as I get up at six to get kids ready for school.

Sorry to bring up this old topic again but my wife is getting her rag off about me sleeping in the evening while watching tv. She really means it & life is becoming very difficult to say the least. We eat at 5.oopm after a reasonable day sleep wise in that I have a siesta & if remain busy do not sleep,but can go of if sedantary,like yesterday at a funeral. But not too bad, but come 5.30 & sit down in front of tele & zippo, can nod off right away & don't even know I have. I just go & it is most annoying for both of us.
Anyone got any sensible advice-please- before the divorce court threatens.
I was thinking of having a sleep in the afternoon so I would be refreshed to watch in evening but havent managed yet.
I have to have something in my hands to do and that helps me to stay awake. My theory is that the movement keeps my blood pressure up, but I don't know how scientific that is!
If I just sit still and watch tv I am asleep straight away. I do handicrafts, you could try worry beads or rewinding a ball of string if embroidery does not appeal.
I have trouble with my sleeping, get mabye 4 - 5.5 hours pernight. So i try to have a good 30 min "power nap" at lunch time which seems to work. There are only two things that cause me to nod of in an evening, the log burner with 2 much heat from it, i lie on the floor in front of it, so relaxing or when there is some crap on tv i loose interest and shut my eyes. This is usually between 9 & 10, then my wife, who has am early start, goes to bed, something stimulating is put on till i force myself to bed at 0200.

Practically everyone on this site has echoed my experience. I would love to sit down and watch TV with my friend and house companion. But, I just go and this disturbs his viewing due to me either snoring, or breathing heavily. It isn’t just reserved for the evenings, either. It has happened in the mornings. PLEASE can anyone offer up some solution. I don’t have PD, but I’m intending to get it investigated as soon as COVID has baited back, and I can actually get to SEE my GP !!!

It happens to my husband all the time. Also in a car. I equate the switching off to his brain to finding the speed of info too much? Interesting ly he seems to be more alert during Graham’s Norton chat show tonight, but maybe because he sat switched off in front of tv all day?