Falling asleep

Whos Rax… sorry Raz.

Hi All

Well today I have my physio so I am hoping I don’t fall asleep there.

I had a really bad night . I kept getting cramp in my right leg every time.i lay down.

Hi Babs, not much fun I know .
I hope physio helps good luck

I know I had a brain scan to rule out tumor s

Hi Babs,
I hope you had a better night after your physio yesterday

Good morning Malct

Ah yes you are so true people just don’t care, but at least we can say what we want back most of the time, you all have a great day

Regards Raz

Morning hubby

Just seen your reasons is that not when someone has hit there head or something in those lines?

Regards Raz

Hi Malct

It’s me Raz sorry auto correct keeps kicking in, if only it would do with my body, well yes are so right again. A night of watching the night sky go by and the world at rest, but me I have already done most of my house work, got to do
Hovering once family weak up and that’s it, I will be off for a walk soon.

You have a great day
King regards Raz

Good morning babswood

Good luck and I hope it goes well as can be,but do remember if you do fall asleep than you will take be the first and defo not the last, these things are so hard for us to keep going though, but once again good luck

Regards Raz

Hi Raz
I think that they use scans to rule things out as much as find things.
For example I was having light headedness, blurred vision,headaches etc. All could have been signs of a tumour.
Once the scan had ruled that out they could look elsewhere.

Hi hubby

Yes I see what you mean, I have I think a small balance problem they have referred me to see someone for that too. It’s like all off a Sunday I have stepped of a fast rollercoaster. I see what you mean about the vision and ready as I am sure the there is something more than PD. Thank you for your support and I will be in touch to let you know how it goes with them all.x

For the last few weeks my eyes are constantly closing and everyone thinks I’m sleeping. Have been.told this is part of PD.
So many things relate to PD apart from falling most days and falling asleep holding my coffee this is the next worst thing., but now im thinking I also really hate when my mouth starts to tremor and no one knows what I’m saying. I find this really embarrassing and especially when people look sorry For me.

I really really hate this B… PD. Sorry for rambling on but that’s exactly how I feel most days.

You usually find I’m not saying always but it’s the ones who only maybe just have a slight tremor that day oh we just have to get on with it and all the positive messages they give I actually don’t know why I’m saying this and don’t know if anyone will agree I find it irrating at this time.


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Hi Babs

Well your not alone, I am feeling the hate for PD really bad right now, just like you falling asleep, is my big thing, with the eyes that look like they are asleep. but to top that for the past week I have started dulling and that’s even when I am not a sleep, has anyone else gone or expericed this? I had my Hosptail
Appointment last week when I mentioned about this he said this is to do PD y you . Mfmñh

Hi Babs.
I’m with you 1oo%.
I hate my condition.
I hate it most when I know I am being condescended to by someone who should know better.
If I am not fighting though what do I do?
Stay in bed all day?
Maybe it will come to that eventually but at the moment I still have things that I enjoy.
Hating it makes me want to fight it.

Hi Babs & all

I fall a sleep the when I posted this and just have seen that I had not finished what I wanted to ask you all. Well like I was saying I had my Hosptail appointment and in that they doctor has asked for a brain scan, and he has referred me to look at my balance, which thanks to Macl I understand the reason why, but another two things i had blood tests done in they have come back and highlighted that my iron levels are low. So I thought ok may be, but when he told me what they where I was :scream:. He went on to explain I should have levels above 50 and my levels are 5. Yes just a 5​:scream: how can this happen and could this mean I have another illness on top too??? Please if anyone could shed some light on this I would be most greatful

Kind regards Raz

Hi all

Well a up date and just need to tell someone really, today I thought it would be good to try to do a clear coat of nail poshi but I have fallen asleep and split half the bottle on my skirt😔. I have also noticed I can’t reply back on here as fast as i could a few weeks back, so I think this is my PD freighting to win😞. I feel so bad and on top I am finding it so hard to keep signing in on this site as I keep forgetting my passwords or even how to cope and past😢feelling very low.

Thanks Raz

Hi @Raz1,

I’m really sorry to hear that your sleep problems has worsened and that you are finding it difficult to remember your password for the forum. I see that you’ve received a lot of supportive comments from other members who have at some point experienced similar issues. Unfortunately, sleep and night-time problems are common in Parkinson’s. They can affect you at any stage of the condition and can leave you feeling drowsy in the daytime which sounds like what you’ve been experiencing.

We have a lot of information on our website about sleep, including excessive daytime sleepiness here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/sleep. As always, you can always call our helpline and speak to one of our advisers about this in more detail. They’d be happy to offer you more support on this and can also put you in contact with a Parkinson’s nurse. Do feel free to give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

With regard to your password, when you created your password for the forum the first time, you should of been given the option to remember your password. If not, you will have to set this on your browser. For instance if you use Google Chrome you’ll have to select ‘Auto-sign in’ in your settings, this will automatically complete the sign-in fields for you the next time you visit the websites including the forum. Please see the steps below:

Click the three dots at the top right hand corner of your browser

Scroll down and click on ‘Settings’

Once you’re on the Settings page,scroll down and click Advanced

Go to the ‘passwords and forms’ section and click on ‘Manage Password’

Click ‘offer to save passwords’ and ‘auto sign in’ and this should save all your passwords going forward.

If you need help with this, I’d be happy to give you a call to go through this step by step. If this sounds okay with you, please send me your telephone number via private message.

Best wishes,

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Sorry that you are not feeling too good Raz.
I wish I could give you a big hug.
Thinking of you

Ah hubby

Thank you so much, let me tell you know that you have been so kind bu total. He can money off.the hanging kit on top of that all paper had a good day out with kids, and had them keep making sure I didn’t drool . I liked that the fact that you are going though so much but yet can find it i your hearts to spread that like joy by your words xx

Kind regards raz