Falling asleep

Hi there the last 2weeks I have been falling asleep with out any notice, I fall asleep today as I was making lunch, and the other day I fall asleep as I was weeding in the garden, is it just me??? I don’t sleep well at night and in the day time I try to have naps but I can’t sleep when I want to, it than this happens. Is it just me? Any advice will be gladly revived

Kind regards Raz

No it’s not just you.
I was tuning my neighbours Tv in for him today and I fell asleep on his couch sitting up with a remote control in my hand.

Hi Hubby and Raz,
Can I join you on this frightening thread.
I fell asleep last week whilst I was eating my evening meal its like someone had switched me off, this is the third time I have experienced this.
Iam more than concerned,most of the time my body reacts with a sudden jerk, its like when you dream of falling off a cliff.
I am hoping that its just temporary and due to an increase in my madopa medication.

What amazes me is that I haven’t fallen forward.
I get a jerking sensation quite often as I am about to fall asleep.
Turning over in bed is increasingly becoming difficult and I have burned my elbows a few times.

Hi H,
Perhaps im fortunate in that I dont have any problem in bed (turning that is !).
Its the millisecond it takes for the jerk back to the living world that worries me . What if it happens while im driving !!!

I’m waiting for it to happen when I’m teaching.
Or in a staff meeting.
I often doze off while typing on my phone.

I fell asleep this morning while holding a cup of coffee and when I finally woke up I was covered in coffee.

Hi babwood

I did that last night but I got woken from the hot wet sofa, it’s really bad, I am just every where these days, on top of that my tooth which I had out is still making me cry, so much pain and dentist is saying he can’t put anything to block the Kapity for around 6 months , I have eaten so Much ice tubs and still no change and ear very painful

I can take all pain but this is worse than child birth to me

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Hi hubby I was talking to my friend about something very serious What happened at my sons school, and after 8 minuets I fall asleep and my friend after 10 minutes put the phone down and text my other half to take the phone of me and to make sure I was ok. When he walked into the room I had fallen asleep with me half in the bed side and rest of me out of the bed.

This is a serious issue for a lot of us.
It could kill someone.

Judging from the number of posts her I now know im not alone.
Trying to describe it is strange because its so sudden, there’s no feeling of tiredness with me and its more like being unconscious than asleep, as I have said before its like someone has turned off the switch
I would be more than interested in finding a common denominator. From my understanding of the issue its not the PD , its the medication side affects . Has anyone done any research.?
I know the info on some meds say drowsiness is common and the advise that follows says dont drive. I will say it again, this worries me no end .due to the lack of warning. I could end up killing myself , my wife or someone else if im driving .
Im sorry but its not enough for me to say oh yeh that happens to me too,as I usually do . We need some HELP.

Hi Hubby, I must have been drafting my post at the same time as yours We obviously feel the same .

Hi malcT

Good morning well what a true and eye opening read, I can see that we all need help but by saying it’s the medicine or PD they feel like it’s ok to carry. I can say
Even before I started takeing the meds I was falling asleep and just out of it on minuet and than back round again, not aware that I had fall asleep or anything. So regards your question about the link this is what I can and have seen and my husband was the one to point it out to me. As you said one day something really bad is going to happen where we get hurt or we end up hurting or loved ones. My driving license was taken of me first and after 8 months it was given back to me as meds had change. I have not sat in the driving seat since the day they told me I have PD. You see I can’t see the reason why I should put firstly my family and all those other people’s life’s at risk as I want to feel I can do it. Please don’t take me wrong everyone. I know you all know your own bodies and what they can do, but this is what I have decided, the amount I am falling asleep is silly that’s why.

*** Please I don’t mean to up set anyone with my response ****

Kind regards

Hi @Raz1

Parkinsons is a terrible condition, it takes away so much of your life and leaves you with very little but pain and anguish. one thing it does not the take away is your opinion and the rite to voice it.
Wory not my friend, I for one have no problem with it. From your experience it could not have been medication . perhaps my problem is not like most of you who have described it as sleep . I am however determined to get together the bottom of it for safety reasons if nothing else.
You may be pleased to learn I have contacted the profs . at P,UK to discuss my medication and my car will remain on the driveway until I’m happy.
Many thanks for you thread and opportunity too Share!

Hi mal

Yes you are so true the only thing we have is our voice as you said the rest is taken by PD. But I am so happy to hear that you are re thinking about taking your car out. I had my appointment with the consultant Today firstly telling off for loading tonmuch weight, than went on to say that increase of meds and also he wants me to have a brain scan, really don’t know why this is for, if anyone could put any light on it I will be greatfull. Please take care Mal and truly it’s nice to speak to
People who are going though things like me.

All the best

I seldom drive now.
I use a motor scooter working on the basis that I am more likely to hurt myself than anybody else.
I have found that the first hour after taking sinemet is when I am more likely to doze off.
Although I agree that this horrible disease is a taker . Try to enjoy even more the things you can still do.
BY the way. The letter between o and q on my mobile has quit.

Good morning Hubby and alll

I think by having the mobility scooter is great idea and good for you . You can go out and when you feel try’s you can get Home. You try and do the best thing for your. Can I ask would you know why they asked for a brain scan ??

Sorry fall asleep and pressed send on text - well again no sleep and a day of falling asleep. You all have a great day

Regards Raz

Funny that, I must try and disable mine too

Morning Rax,
If we ruled the world ,nothing would ever get done but we could at least party all night.
Hope your day goes well