Falling asleep

Hello does any one here suffer from blackouts?
it seems to be getting worse ,
when im watching a film i seem to fall asleep
in between, it could be anything to a few minutes or half
an hour, even when reading a book, i've
had parkinsons for six years aged 50.
what meds are you on?
hello.... im on mirapexen and sinemet
Hi norrie,
Other community members have raised this issue before. delight started a thread about this last year. You can find that here: http://bit.ly/RXBUjw

Take a look there and see if there is any information that might help.

I hope it helps.

Hello, if I feel sleepy I know whats going to happen ,I can go from wide
awake to deep deep sleep in 5 seconds this can be alarming for Family as its almost impossible to wake then of course when I do awake usually after heinous
nightmares I remain tired, and so the unmagic round about continues ,my nigh
sleep is seriously so I catch up through the day, which means disturbed sleep at night and so on, and once into this pattern its difficult to get back to normal.
I write this post at 2.34 am, I am dressed and about to go out on my mobility scooter, its great no one about so I can hurtle along flat out 15mph it should
be twelve but my son (hes a sparky) tweaked the motor for me, I am frequently stopped by the law who obviously think Ive nicked it but most of the guys know me
and the checks are fewer now, well I am off now, sleep well, I wish I could
KINDEST REGARDS fedexlike (fed):sunglasses: